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Velvet She/Her

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  • FinnigenFinch FinnigenFinch (1 year ago)

    love your avi!

  • Rubix Rubix (5 years ago)

    ps. sorry, i thought this was an avatar thread, and spoke in an odd way. nice avatar~

  • Rubix Rubix (5 years ago)

    i'm new here, and i totally thought she was one of the mascots of the site. like one of the symbols.

  • Selaphi Selaphi (6 years ago)

    Aww, really like this one. Gives me good hope for the rest of the sites avis. :3

  • HAKXAH HAKXAH (6 years ago)

    Love your avatar :)

  • Baby Baby (6 years ago)

    Helo can I just ask what eyes you’re using ????