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Posted in Hiiii guysss Posted 2 years ago
Welcome to Voltra! :D
Posted in Yes or No Posted 2 years ago

Would you drink an entire glass of pure melted chocolate?
Posted in Names A to Z Posted 2 years ago
Posted in Count to 1 million Posted 2 years ago
Posted in Make the longest word Posted 2 years ago
Posted in Would you rather? Posted 2 years ago
Skeleton because its easier to disguise myself to look normal.

Would you rather eat 30 bugs or climb a 50 km high mountain?
Posted in What are you listening to? Posted 2 years ago
The sound of silence...not the song.. I just really like quiet :D
Posted in Word Association Posted 2 years ago
Posted in What Pokemon Type is the Avatar Above You? Posted 2 years ago
Posted in Which Hogwarts House does the AAY belong to? Posted 2 years ago
Slytherin. Going with the green theme here :D
Posted in Which Pokemon follows the AAY? Posted 2 years ago
Posted in Lets write a story one word at a time! Posted 2 years ago
The end of the world was just as I had planned when I killed my husband with cake. He was just about to jump into the portal to Narnia when something awful happened. Suddenly there was someone philosophizing about orange presidents. It didn't go according to plan because the man was full of stupid tweets. Then they corrupted earth by burning bridges with all metallic parts and ruining the economy before they even had the ingredients to make the new curse. The witches from the dark Labyrinth were planning to impeach the president who has ties to Yakuza, but a mischievous rat decided to help him by meddling with his enemies' plans! Unfortunately when the news reached the world, many people felt like Ratty couldn't reveal the true reason behind his interference with the witches' plan. Truthfully it was just selfishness that drove the wily Ratty to do such deplorable things; he intended to stop his bad hair from receding before total destruction of every hair on Earth. Nobody would ever have noticed all of their food had been turned into weaves if Ratty didn't stop the witches from murdering hundreds of innocent hamsters. The leader of the evil guinea pigs was getting fed with growth hormones to increase his appetite for delicious babies. When confronted, the great leader Kim Jong Un immediately denied help from the UN to stop nuclear annihilation from happening again at the capital of Japan. This event was broadcasted live. Even the PM could not be heard from the control room on the TV in the lower family quarters. North Dakota panicked and decided that this was inadmissible in theory, but shrugged it after a representative advised them not to worry about the event.

Orange sales decreased after bananas were found beneficial to those that murdered. DC has exponentially grown their stock of high-end comics, thereby gaining notoriety in their country. Cats with more liquidity farted less assets, so Schrodinger meowed, proving that Volties like to rub TVs while jumping through fire. Fog crept through the eastern window of Ratty's apartment, reminding him of when Rosie had broke the TV with a spell of lightning, and that caused a bad reaction in the villain. Twenty thousand witches flew from Antarctica to Hawaii, just like that, the locals burst
Posted in Continue on letter game! Posted 2 years ago
Posted in What animal is the AAY? Posted 2 years ago
A gazelle? I am seeing alot of leg :D
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