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Posted in Positivity and Coping (come chat!) Posted 2 years ago
@AelloTyphoeus: Happy little clouds man...happy little clouds..
@Vii: They would probably be smartasses and challenge you to physical games only like Wii or virtual reality tennis! As a gramma I will probably have dementia so..."kids... what game were we playing again? Actually I don't care. Hah! You lose!" *wobbles away in her walker while laughing like a maniac*
Posted in Positivity and Coping (come chat!) Posted 2 years ago
@superbearwars: Your Rock .gif on the first page made me laugh! I love it!
@Lina: Might be voted the best item on the entire site! Thats actually a good idea, volties should vote for their favorite items.
@pixiebuns: If you are alive, you still can be! Don't lose hope!
@Kaderin Triste: Yeah I want cute stuffed animals that sit where the crates are usually. Its something for those who don't have/want crates next to their avvie. AND we can get one that resembles our pets!
@superbearwars: Well I guess there is an upside for you to being grown up. You don't need to go to her concerts if you don't want to
@Kaderin Triste: I know, right? So many kind and nice people. Not to mention all the mods and devs are amazing and nice people who interact alot with the community. And they actually listen to their users and make improvements based on our suggestions. The help section is also really fast. God, I could go on and on.
@Winter: You wouldn't believe how much money we save!
@Kaderin Triste: Aww thanks! We have so many fans on this thread. Its starting to be my favorite place
@Totalanimefan: Why don't grownups inform kids better? To be fair... I think they did try but we weren't listening
@Kaderin Triste: haha I don't doubt you will! I just hope dragoness is as happy with her commission as all our other customers so far. She is the last one left
@Winter: At least we younger sis' are entitled to all your old stuff, handbags, clothes, accessories, everything you own will sooner or later be ours! Muahahaha
@Kaderin Triste: Yeah take your time :) We aren't going anywhere