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Good day Citizens of Voltra,
Just a friendly reminder that the Voltra Staff will be hosting a discussion today on discord at 3:00 PM Voltra Time.

If you haven't joined our discord server yet, do that now:

And please review our raffle rules if you want to be eligible to win some prizes!

1. Make sure you join our Discord Server
2. Message "(username) is here!" once in our server channel #cd-attendance-march22-2020 (*no earlier than 2:50 PM to be eligible*)
3. Join the discussion in our server channel #community-discussion-march22-2020 at 3:00 PM Voltra Time today, Sunday, March 22nd!

And that's it! Now you're eligible to win one (1) March Crate!
One prize will be raffled for every 5 volties in attendance. (ie. 10 volties = 2 prizes raffled, 25 volties = 5 prizes raffled)
Winners and Prizes will be raffled after the discussion.
No mules. The use of a mule account will disqualify all associated accounts.

If you can't attend, we will post the outline and recording here, after the discussion is over.
Community Discussion

Good day Citizens of Voltra,
Unfortunately we were unable to host a discussion today as planned. But we still wanted to deliver the regular content as we know you are all eager to hear updates in regards to.

Nefarious Guard

As per previous feedback, we have made an edit to the pants pose to correct the angle of the foot.

Inventory Update

We have completed adding tabs to all the items on our test site. We are beginning to test the items and closet feature to make sure there are no major issues. Once testing will be completed we will schedule a time to take the site down and transfer the code. However, there are still items on the live site that need to be done, we don't want to take the site down for too long so the plan might be that we bring the site back up while we continue working. We are open to suggestions for a better solution, but at the moment this is the goal.

Staff Applications

We are currently slowly completing applications and will begin hiring as they are completed. At the moment Pixel Artists are first to be hired. Writers application is in progress, as is the technical support thanks to Pathologic and Ghost for helping out.

Blocked Feature

Pathologic was able to find and resolve our issues with the blocked feature where blocked users were not staying blocked. Going forward if you have blocked a user and they are a top poster you will see the following message.

Jigsaw Feature

We hear you guys loud and clear about wanting the jigsaw as a full time site feature. At the moment we are working on more volt sinks so that by introducing the jigsaw our economy isn't jeopardized.

NPC revamping

We felt like it was time to update our NPC designs as over time we have developed these characters and they have grown from their original concepts. Look forward to seeing this update in the next 2-3 months.

February Crate Previews


Comment down below to join the raffle to win one(1) January Crate!
No mules. Use of a mule account will disqualify all associated accounts.

There will be 3 winners!
1./ inatlaka
2./ Shadami
3./ Llama

I will be drawing the winners on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 between 6pm - 7pm Voltra Time.
Posted in Velvet's Memory Posted 3 months ago
Posted in Volkan's Memory Posted 3 months ago

Posted in Volkan's Memory Posted 3 months ago
Volkan grew up very poor and their family often begged for scraps during holidays.
One fair Solstice the Mayor decided to host a feast for the less fortunate.
Seeing such hospitality had sparked a dream for Volkan to become a Mayor.

Today's Game... WORD SEARCH!
Find the words from the story in the word search.

You'll have 24 hours to try the game, before the thread is locked and the next thread starts.

Everyone who attempts to solve at least one of the puzzles will receive the EI Volkan's Memory
Additional copies can be bought in Joyful Jamboree.
Posted in Volkan's Memory Posted 3 months ago

Mayor Volkan sat in his office, looking out of his window at the gently falling snow. The winter solstice was as much a time for celebration as it was one of reflection on the times gone by, and this year’s solstice was no different. He took a sip of the hot chocolate Vanora had made for him just a few moments ago, reveling in the sweet warmth it brought.

“And to think so much time has passed already…my, I really am getting on the years…” he chuckled softly to himself.

He sighted a few children out and about, making snow angels, snowmen and having snowball fights here and there. It was an endearing sight, and the happiness brought a smile to his face, and his thoughts went to one fateful night, many years ago…

Young Volkan sat in front of the small fireplace, his family’s ramshackle home still feeling quite chilly despite the flame. His father was out, no doubt in search of more twigs and, with luck, some leftovers from the more charitable families. The young boy shivered as he tried to keep warm, only to jump when the door slammed wide open.

His father walked in, setting down a bundle of twigs before going over to pat his son’s head, his hearty laugh booming in the admittedly small house.

“Get your coat ready, son! The mayor’s invited everyone to a big winter solstice dinner at his home!” he exclaimed before Volkan could say anything in response.

He tried to get a word in, ask what his father meant, but the question died when his father produced an old tattered cloak from under Volkan’s bedroll, draped it over him and hurriedly carried him out on his shoulders.

Volkan and his father spoke little on the road to the mayor’s home, the young man kept mostly quiet by his father regaling him with how so many people were already there celebrating. The sparkling lights and décor gracing the various homes they passed also kept him silent in awe. Soon enough they had already arrived, and almost immediately the two were led to the buffet and given plates heaped with delicious food. The dinner itself was extravagant, with the mayor’s mansion serving as a bright backdrop to the festivities.

As Volkan ate, he looked at the mayor’s brightly-lit home, and to the happy faces of those around him. With each bite of the delicious food on his plate, he swore to one day that he too would become mayor. To not only have a great home but be able to bring such warmth and joy to those around him at the same time was, in his young mind, an amazingly noble goal.

“Hey dad?” Volkan spoke, pausing from his meal. He looked up at his father who stopped eating to see what his son wanted. “One day, I’m gonna be mayor! I’ll make people happy just like what he did today…” The older man only smiled, freeing up one of his hands to pat Volkan’s head.

“I’m sure you’ll make a great mayor, son.”

Volkan blinked at the sudden memory. He lifted his mug of hot chocolate up to his lips, only to shiver when it reached him, letting out a dejected sigh afterwards. “Oh dear…it’s gone cold…”

art by Q t e a p o n
Posted in City Hall - Updates & Notices Posted 3 months ago
Misc. Updates

  • Notifications for announcements (turn off announcement notifications through Settings > Accessibility)
  • Disable custom font on Forums (under Settings > Accessibility)
  • Absolute timestamps for Forum posts; reflective of time zone
  • "Show full currency" now shows full currency for event currency in addition to Volts/Ohms
  • Polls can be added when making a new topic
  • Trading currency bug fixed
  • Removed advertisements
Posted in Chapter Fourteen: The Gathering Posted 5 months ago
QUESTION: how do you see when your eyes are always closed, huh? How do we know you didn't bump into the statue and knock it over, HUH? (abridged version)

@kiwi: Volkan seems increasingly confused and concerned as you begin to interrogate him, glancing back at the VPD to see if he could get some assistance, earning a shrug from Officer Milly in response. Glancing back to you, he laughs awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"First of all... I ... ASSURE you I did not knock over that statue. I was never anywhere near it until it was on stage, and by that point there was a large crowd, I would have had no opportunity to. But to answer your other question, I see just fine thank you very much." He pauses, rubbing his chin, "Do my eyes always look like they're closed? This is news to me..."

Pulled from his thoughts, he furrows his eyebrows, "Now what was this about arch nemesis and a crumbling empire? Should I be concerned?"
Posted in City Hall - Updates & Notices Posted 5 months ago
Item Updates!

  • Any items with 'Black, White, Offwhite, Gold, etc' in their names have been changed to their respective Voltra Color names! This will be how all items are named going forward so that the actual color names are being used! We have two different whites, and in the future hope to have more colors, so this will help everyone know what colors are actually being used!
  • The Witch Hats have had their names updated (the black and white witch hats went from Black Star Witch Hat/White Star Witch Hat to Coal Witch Hat/Cloud Witch Hat). The items themselves will be being fixed shortly!
  • Shark Slayer has had the body suits added!

As always, if you have any other issues or questions regarding items, please feel free to tell us about it in the Pixel Perfect thread!
Posted in Chapter Two: Major Volkan Posted 5 months ago

Having remembered his to-do list, in order of importance and urgency, Mayor Volkan was calmer. Having things laid out in a structure was a good way to deal with things one by one instead of attempting to solve everything all at once.

"Ah, yes, the gift giving. All I know is that everything was fine, and then disaster struck. I was busy the whole day with planning and running around helping with preparations. I was always around someone else, but not the statue itself." Taking a breath, Mayor Volkan glanced towards the statue, standing abandoned on the stage. "I do know that it was under constant watch while backstage, however. Nobody should have been able to tamper with it."

Vontell nodded as he listened to the mayor. "Do you know who else was backstage?"

Mayor Volkan frowned slightly in concentration as he recalled. So many things had happened that it almost felt like yesterday already. "My daughter and Vivienne were there, as well as security, but other than that, I wasn't around to see anyone else."

"Thank you, mayor," Vontell said gratefully. There were quite a few leads he could follow, from what the mayor had told him.

The old man chuckled, "Ohoho, well, you know me, always willing to help out, especially if it helps others! Let's hope this situation resolves itself fast, yes?"

• Found at the scene: Paint Supplies, a Bucket with a Bandage, and a Hairdryer with a Tangled Chord
• The letters "V F" were carved into the base of the statue
• Vanora was backstage
• Vivienne was backstage
• Volkan was never out of anyone's sight

In hopes of discovering what caused this tiff between Trick and Treat, I've taken it upon myself to investigate this mystery. I began by searching the backstage, where the statue had been stored prior to the exchange. My search yielded:

- Paint supplies
- A bucket with a bandage
- A hairdryer with a tangled chord
- The letters "V F" carved into the statue's base

Perhaps these are important clues... Or perhaps it is just rubbish left behind. We'll have to search further.

Questioning the mayor, who was closest to the scene, I discovered the following information:

- Mayor Volkan was busy all day and was never alone at any point
- The statue was being watched all the time it was backstage
- Vanora, Vivienne, and security were backstage, at least that Volkan knew of

Perhaps Vanora or Vivienne may be able to shed more light upon this situation...


You have unlocked the chance to vote for who Vontell interviews as a potential witness/suspect next!
To vote, simply ping Vontell with: @Vontell: I vote for [NPC name]
The NPC that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 12 noon.

Suggested Witnesses:
Vanora. Reason: She was backstage where the statue was kept.
Vivienne. Reason: She was backstage where the statue was kept.

Posted in Chapter Two: Major Volkan Posted 5 months ago

Victory can be but a hollow shell without friends.
As years pass in loneliness, could it not be the time to reconnect with friends?
Nothing can substitute friendship.
Only friends can help you cope with the vicious claws of life.
Remain by your friends' sides as they remain by yours.
Actions will speak louder than your words.

With vigilance, keep an eye on your health.
It is most important to remain healthy, both mentally and physically.
Many vitamins are available in stores if your body needs just a little help to cope with life's demands.
Your immune system sometimes needs to take time to recover, so don't push yourself constantly.
The Earth constantly has new diseases and bacteria popping up, so keep yourself clean and healthy.
Although nobody thinks they will catch the flu, they often do end up with it, exhausted and unable to function well at work or school.
Do not push yourself if you do get sick, or ignore the signs, whether they be physical or mentally.
In eventual time, you will recover, with enough time, rest, and nourishment.

As the spooky season begins, know that this a great time to spend with friends or family.
In the event that you'd rather be alone to hoard all that candy, well, why not?
As the cool kids might say, sharing is caring, but some things aren't meant to be shared.
Others will understand when it comes to sweets.
Candy shall righteously be devoured on this day that the Jack O' Lanterns come out to play.
Friends, family, iconic members of the community all love this season and celebrate it as much as possible.
To spurn this season is to spurn the neighborhood, in this time when the ceremony of peace between two immortal beings occurs.
In this, your decision to enjoy candy either by yourself or with others won't matter, as long as you celebrate the season.

It is always best, when fun is present, to succumb.
The best fun is with friends, when drinking tea and hot cocoa.
Or hanging out together at the movies or a mall, looking preferably chic.
Or even at home, or a restaurant, however you and your friends leave a mark.
Maybe you'd prefer to just curl up at home with some good books.
Could anything beat that?
Perhaps so, for I hear the orchestral concerts are quite superb to go to with friends - can you hear the bassoon and tuba?
No matter what you do, it'll always be fun and exciting.
With friends around, the fun shall never abate.

Current Progress
Participants Playing: 15
Correct Answers: 4

Posted in Chapter Two: Major Volkan Posted 5 months ago
Vontell heads off to Mayor Volkan to ask him some questions.
Mayor Volkan is in a bit of a tizzy and is fretting too much to respond.
Vontell must help the mayor uncover some messages before he can get any more information.

You will be presented with several messages, which each have hidden messages for you to discover!
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 15 people have attempted to answer,
the EI Gummy Bear will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free Gummy Bear tomorrow at noon.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)
Posted in Chapter Two: Major Volkan Posted 5 months ago

Reviewing the clues he had uncovered, Vontell decided to head over to the man closest to the scene at the time, Mayor Volkan. The mayor seemed distressed, rubbing his forehead as if a headache threatened him from the whole fiasco of the Ritual.

"May I have a bit of your time, please?" Vontell asked the mayor as he approached, who started at his voice.

"Time? There's no time, there's so much to do! How am I supposed to fix this? How do I make them stop this? I can't even remember what else I need to do, but I know I had a whole list of things! Oh my stars, what was I..." the man trailed off, mumbling furiously under his breath.

Vontell blinked, seeing the mayor worrying so much about the state of Voltra. He'd need to help Mayor Volkan calm down before he could get any ideas about what had happened.

"How can I help?"

art by q t e a p o n
Posted in City Hall - Updates & Notices Posted 5 months ago
Privacy Settings

  • There is a new tab under "Settings" for Privacy options.
  • "Hide Profile" hides your profile for both you and other Volties.
  • "Hide Online Status" will mark you as offline on your Profile, in friend lists, and by your forum posts. You will not show up in the "Online Volties" section of the Forums, and will not show up in your friends' "online" friends dropdown in the header.
  • "Disable Friend Requests" prevents other Volties from adding you as a friend, and hides the option to add you as a friend on your profile.