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Posted in Got offered a "working interview".... Posted 2 hours ago
@Bioshock: I could never lol. I once had to ask for all the food I'd ordered at a Mcds (I was polite about it!) but the manager made such a big deal about I haven't been to that location since ^^;

@koneko: Is that something you enjoy? I looked into it but wasn't sure it was for me. I like dogs well enough but I'm not big on getting messy lol

@vitreus: I'd like to think so. They've been in business for a long time and I've worked for similar company before.
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 3 hours ago
Me too. It's funny though cause I hit a point where milk chocolate is like, the worst thing I could put in my mouth. Gotta be semi-sweet or darker nowadays lol
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 3 hours ago
Sounds like its time to bust out the garlic butter!
Posted in Got offered a "working interview".... Posted 4 hours ago
@Bioshock: I'm reading up on it now since I've never encountered this before but apparently it's not uncommon, especially for office work. I'm sorry they took advantage of you; that's a really crappy business practice. No sure I'd want to eat there after that lol

I'm hoping that it's something like they're down to two candidates so they need to see who's better situation
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 5 hours ago
I grew up in west TN were the lady next door brewed sun tea so sweet it might as have been syrup lmao. It took a long time to cut back on the sugar intake cause of that XP
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 5 hours ago
Eventually you do get sick of them cause they're basically sugar and butter lol
Posted in Got offered a "working interview".... Posted 5 hours ago
@koneko: I wouldn't call this "small" but it is a very local business. This is for an admin assistant position, was yours similar?

Posted in Got offered a "working interview".... Posted 5 hours ago
So after months of applying this is the closest I've gotten to a job. They interviewer said if I do well I have the job. The "working interview" is 1 day at 8/hr. (I'm assuming the actual job is more since I believe it's salary w/ benefits and I told them my current job is 12/hr.)

This is the first time I've encountered this... thoughts?
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 5 hours ago
They're my fav! Very addictive XD
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 10 hours ago
@xvz: Nice! If you like the peanut butter/chocolate combo I also recommend chocolate peanut butter no-bakes. Or as my family calls them, top of the stove cookies. (And in the south they call them cow patties... for obvious reasons XP)
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 10 hours ago
Found it! And apparently it's public domain so you can read it for free! /screm
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 22 hours ago
@xvz: I was terrified of rats for a long time cause we had read this short story in school about rats on an abandoned ship that crashed into the shore where a lighthouse was. The starving rats then proceed to overrun the lighthouse and eat the people inside D:
Posted in The Artist Lodge|Now Opened! Posted 22 hours ago

Easy Mug Cake:

  • Big Microwave Safe Mug
  • 4 tbs of cake mix (You can literally use whatever but I usually buy the cheapest $1 yellow mix)
  • 3 tbs of milk

(You can scale the cake up or down just make sure you have one less tbs of milk to mix. You can always add more milk as needed.)

Mix until smooth. (If it's still too lumpy add a little more milk.)
Microwave 1 min (If the sides are still wet microwave again for 10 seconds)
Cool for 1 min
You can plate it? I guess? That's extra work and I ain't about that life
Add frosting (again cheap $1 frosting, I refrigerate the rest.)

No frosting? No problem:

  • Add a spoonful of nutella right in the middle. Keep it off the bottom so it doesn't burn. If it does burn add at 30 secs next time. May need to cool longer.
  • Add chocolate chips. I usually add them right after I remove from microwave so the can melt on top. If you add them while cooking YMMV.
  • You can also zap the chips in a separate bowl for 30 secs and pour on top. I usually add a little butter or peanut butter to smooth it out.
  • Add sprinkles.
  • Fudge or caramel topping would probably be could.
  • Whip cream? Strawberries??? Idk get creative

Posted in This place is kinda neat Posted 22 hours ago
@GodsandPunks: Heyo! Welcome to Voltra! It's always nice to have another ace face :]