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Faust Sheep he/him

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Hey, welcome to the profile of Faust Sheep.

I'm actually not that good with this stuff so let's hope I do not crash and burn.

I'm small and gay and tend to be terrified of most people. I like cats, own two, and that is not enough. I need more. I'm an avid collector of books and video games. I have read and played most I own. I'm an author want to be/ trying to be/ hope to be. I just need to finish something and get it published. I draw mostly as a hobby, but I would like to illustrate my own books and comics. I'd also like to do my own art for the video games I plan to make in the future. I'm ambitious, but a Ravenclaw. I'm kind of shy for the most part.
Feel free to chat with or friend me. But be warned I can be a little nippy.

For offsite chatting ask about my Pesterchum. I do, however, only give it to people I trust or feel comfortable with.


  • Virgil Virgil (6 years ago)

    Oh in that case... ty. x3

  • Virgil Virgil (6 years ago)

    *swats hand away* That's not nice.

  • rat squad rat squad (6 years ago)

    y-yeah! so what? it's a cool hobby, what of it?

  • gremlin gremlin (6 years ago)


  • gremlin gremlin (6 years ago)

    mhm, of course!

  • gremlin gremlin (6 years ago)

    I just giggle snorted


cats, men, books, art, video games, mange, manhwa, comics, nerd stuff


Boy, you do not want to open that can of worms. I have way too many pet peeves.


reading, writing, drawing, playing video games