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Posted in Selling new orbs buying new orbs Posted 2 weeks ago
@Miss Sandman:
Howdy! Lookin' to get my hands on one Astronautic Heartbreak, please and thank you!
Posted in phasmophobia Posted 2 weeks ago
oh, nice! yeah, this pc i have was actually sent to me by a friend, but the reason there's trouble with the had drive is likely due to shipping.

vrchat is something i'd love to do too lol.

yeah, i'm sure they meant they didn't like the slow pace of it lmao. you can't run and you can't get a clear read on the potential threat without those tools, so you're at a disadvantage and I like that. I prefer when horror games force you into a kind of "helplessness" for lack of a better term. it makes you think about your situation a lot more lmao.
Anyway, for me personally, I haven't gotten bored of it yet, but in it's current state I can see people losing interest after a few games.
There's a list my friend put in our Phasmophobia discord chat that shows all the work currently being put into the game as well as future plans. Bug fixes, new maps, new modes, etc. So i have high hopes for the game!
Posted in phasmophobia Posted 2 weeks ago
I mean aside from the initial crappy load times, Phasmaphobia runs just fine. It's other games I used to enjoy playing that I have troubles with now.
Oh for sure. I'd really love to play other vr games like beat saber. Aside from horror games I'm a sucker for rhythm games too lmao.
Posted in phasmophobia Posted 2 weeks ago
Yeah, i was so convinced that I wasnt going to be able to play until I could get a new harddrive for my pc.
I'm using an old laptop right now and I have a pc that's collecting dust because it needs a new harddrive. but if I can get that going, I'll be able to run games again. right now, I struggle to run things with my current set up lol.

lord i wish i had vr, i've definitely seen people using it. if i had the money and the space for it i would absolutely be a part of that lmaoooo.
Posted in phasmophobia Posted 2 weeks ago
ey, i was thinking about making a phasmaphobia thread today!

a good friend of mine bought the game for me a little while ago! had a hard time playing it at first cause my loading times were ridiculous, but it seems to be good now. gotta say tho, this game is a lot of fun! im a little behind my friends now due to those aformentioned, awful load times, but now that i dont have to wait half a century to get into a game imma catch up in no time!
Posted in What's everyone's halloween plans? Posted 2 weeks ago
depending on health and financial situations, I'd really like to attend the haunt i used to work at this year. As a guest i mean. I've meant to do it for the last couple of years but I never found the time to do it, but since I'm not able to work there this year, I have all the time in the world to book a night to go! but again, it all depends.
Posted in among us Posted 4 weeks ago
I love your avatar first of all.

I play with randos and friends. Hits differently with friends though. One minute you're bonding as family over murder, the next, you're the first one on the end of the knife.

lmao, but for real, i have fun. mostly during the discussion portion. when i have to be imposter, that's when the big anxiety hits though.
if i have a partner it isn't as bad, but often i get picked as imposter way too often. i'm terrible at lying and the moment i take someone out, i have to wait for my breathing to go back to normal in the vents, ha.
Yeah that would do it lol

For sure. It's a constant for me so I'm pretty okay at scrounging stuff up and throwing things together lol.
Posted in Let's talk about the Sims! Posted 4 weeks ago
I've only played 3 and 4 and honestly, between the two, I like 3 a lot more. I do think the sim customization options are much better in 4 though.
Thank you!

I didn't have much to work with since i desperately need to go grocery shopping.
I put in some onions, a bit of mixed veggies and some soya sauce. Was all I had really. Ha. Still turned out fine.
Posted in Your countries flag! Posted 4 weeks ago
It kills me that Canada is Keanu lmao
Mm, I just threw together a rice noodle dish myself this evening. came out alright! I should try out this recipe in the future.
Posted in Welcome to the landfill! Posted 2 months ago
Ha, sometimes it be that way! But you still go a cool design out of it i think. I love them teeth, lol.
I have a clown character I made fairly recently myself! I'm using her as the main character of a story I'm trying my best to stick to.
I always want to write but I can never stay on a project till the end. ; ;