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Booderdooder She/They

Booderdooder's Avatar


Photo credit: @kurri

Birthday: November 27, 1994


  • MoodyBats MoodyBats (3 weeks ago)

    That's how i recognized you. I recently returned to voltra as I had a much needed hiatus for my mental health and then saw your username and was like "i think i knew them."

  • MoodyBats MoodyBats (3 weeks ago)

    Yes I was under the username Fuu-Chan on roliana.

  • kaichoukai kaichoukai (4 weeks ago)

    Booder I miss u

  • kaichoukai kaichoukai (1 month ago)

    Every time I see your likes on your profile, I just nod in agreement. I thank the higher powers for dogs...

  • Alethna Alethna (1 month ago)

    oh, well currency you make from posting in the forums, and you can win some from the daily ship!

  • Alethna Alethna (1 month ago)

    aww i love your avatar!!


dogs, nature, indie, pop-punk, horror, cryptids


bugs, celery


drawing, painting, reading, video games, being outdoors