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I love that multiple items now stack, but I'm also encountering the bug that my avatar isn't showing up in the dressing room, and I can only equip one pose each from my multi-pose items. When I feel up to it, I'll try the starting over fix.
Posted in The Surge: Summer '20 Plasma Orbs! Posted 1 month ago
Love these new orbs, and thank you for the new recolor of Timberland!
@Totalanimefan: it is a bit annoying, but I've been making sure to water things daily. Once the plants are past the seedling stage, and have deeper roots, it will be easier. Also my mom is going to hook up the home made sprinkler system again, so we can attach all the hoses and put a timer on it to automatically water the garden in the early morning
@Totalanimefan: I'm still planting things, because it took a while for it to be consistently warm enough. And then I'll plant more things at the end of summer, since some veggies overwinter, and I still have a lot of seeds I want to use up before they get too old to plant anymore.

It's been both cloudy and warm this last week or so, often with rain in the morning and then everything has burned off and the ground is super dry again by the late afternoon. Some of the things I planted don't seem to want to sprout, so I'm trying another method to help them along. Also, I'm impatient so they might be fine, but just slower than I want
Posted in A yandere's quest Posted 1 month ago
@Yandere: My mom is also a teacher, and it's been weird for her to be home the whole time, when I'm used to it being me and the cat. The cat loves it, though, and has photobombed her meetings with her students.
Posted in A yandere's quest Posted 1 month ago
@Ariella74: Welcome! How did you discover Voltra?

@Yandere: Don't feel bad, I often disappear for a few days due to chronic fatigue. I absolutely wish either cats could talk and tell us where they hurt, or that they could understand us, so we could tell them what's going on when they go to the vet.
@Totalanimefan: We don't have a large yard, it's just very full of plants. When you cram them in, you can fit a lot of them. My mom's house is pretty small, so that helps increase the amount of the lot that's open for planting, too.

I did a little bit of weeding today, since I was kind of out of it the rest of this week. Hopefully I'll get some room cleared for planting new stuff soon
Posted in A yandere's quest Posted 2 months ago
@Yandere: My cat had to go to the vet yesterday for his checkup, and after I put him in the carrier, he made the saddest sounding meows. :(

But once he was back home again, he was fine
@Totalanimefan: I used to grow nasturtiums when I was a kid, and also ate anything floral that was edible, because it was fun. But they sell edible flower mix seed packets, so I bought that. They're nice in salads and drinks.

I was thinning out the overgrown mint patch the other day, and my mom saw me, and told me that I could use part of the yard by the pear tree to plant more things. She has peas growing along the fence there, so I think I'm going to plant my pumpkins by them, and some corn as well. I have a lot of old seed packets I'd like to use up before all the seeds go bad, and corn is one of those things you need room to plant enough of them that they'll pollinate each other and make nice ears. I wasn't expecting to be able to plant corn, so I'm pretty excited

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, and hope that everything goes well
@Totalanimefan: I normally hate salads, but that's because I don't like eating tasteless leaves. Homegrown or farmers market greens are a whole different story. That's so nice to have your own steady supply of delicious lettuce!

It's been raining all today, which is nice, so that I don't have to worry about the edible flower mix I planted earlier this week drying out. I keep checking for seedings. If you have room to grow more things, nasturtiums are easy and delicious in salads. I love how the leaves look like lilypads, and the flowers are both a bit spicy and sweet at the same time
@Totalanimefan: Oooh, fresh lettuce is way better than store bought! I planted some of my seeds, and am deciding which herbs to plant as well

I actually grew up in a city, and there are many cities along this bay and the sound, so it doesn't feel coastal, even though I used to take a ferry to get to my grandpa's house and my best friend's house. It's pretty far inland, but there are a lot of islands in the sound
Posted in A yandere's quest Posted 2 months ago
@Yandere: Rescue cats always seem to be the most loving, in my experience. It definitely helps that your husband is training to be a vet, too.

Kittens are waaaaaay too adorable
@Totalanimefan: Wow, I grew up less than a mile from the bay, on a point, so there was always accessible waterfront, but it's very different from open coast or ocean. That must have been very interesting, especially during storms

Yesterday I got some seed starting pots and trays, and I want to plant some more things today. Hopefully my seeds aren't too old, because I have some for tiny delicious watermelons, and I really want more of them this summer
@Totalanimefan: I love matcha lemonade. There's a cafe by my old college that made a lemon greentea with popping lemon boba drink and I miss both the drink and being able to go there and hang out. I hope they'll still be around when cafes can open again, since they always had plenty of space for students to sit and study, and affordable meals and the best hot and cold boba drinks

Today my mom and I went and fed baby salmon for a program one of the students at her school is running. Its really adorable to see the water boil with fish because they're so excited for the food. They're newly into the salt water phase of their life, so they live in the bay for now, but once they're bigger, they'll be released so they can go to sea to live salmony lives, feed orcas and later the ones that remain will go back to their spawning sites to lay eggs and help repopulate the rivers