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Hi, my name is Sammie, I'm from Illinois and I'm a mother of two. I am in a polyamorous relationship and very happy. I consider myself an atheist, but I have several schools of beliefs. I value logic and knowledge but also the unseen world and all the amazing things this universe harbors. I'm sort of a scientific, mystical, hippie person. I love art and music and wrote and draw often. I smoke a lot of weed. I am an obsessive conspiracy theorist XD. I feel like I'm an interesting person and have a lot to offer in the conversation department.


  • Zalthar Zalthar (2 years ago)

    Hello friend

  • Jellyfish Jellyfish (3 years ago)

    Saaaammmmiiiieeeee!!!! its Sammi xD

  • Miss Kitty Miss Kitty (3 years ago)

    Same here. Nothing else felt right. This one has Ernya vibe to it lol. You should check out the discord. Lots of friendly people on there. We just use the text chat. ^^

  • Miss Kitty Miss Kitty (3 years ago)

    Ooohh!!! I remember you!! Hey!!! Been awhile! I'm doing pretty good. Absolutely thrilled to have a new site to go to. How've you been?

  • Miss Kitty Miss Kitty (3 years ago)

    Hi! Yes I am!!^^

  • Astral Ninja Astral Ninja (3 years ago)

    Ok lol


Music, movies, gaming, spending time with family, weird shit, drugs, animals


Rednecks, racists, bigots, liars, theives, ignorance


Drawing, painting, independent research, wrighting, internet, games, meditation and energy work, sexy things