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Donator — Him, He Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/16 20:00:24 )
I read some cool manga back in high school, but now I just hang on webtoon. Idk if webcomics count, but if so, does anybody else enjoy em?

Voltie — She/They Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 07:05:17 )

@Colan: I used to read some webtoons in Korean to practice my Korean reading, but I haven't read any lately. I'd like to try to get back into them though. This is the one I read the most~

Voltie — She/They Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 07:07:25 )

For manga, I started reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently. I'd heard about it a lot before, and I finally got around to reading it

Donator — Him, He Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 14:13:06 )
@starlight: XD Very cute lil comic (even if I couldn’t understand the words, I got the gist). So are you fluent in Korean now?

Oh and how are you liking JoJo’s? Araki’s use of colors and his artstyle is just mmm mmm good.

Voltie — She/They Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 18:14:21 )

@Colan: Ah, not really. I'm probably somewhere at the intermediate level. I need to get back into studying.

I like it so far! I just finished the second part, Battle Tendency, and I plan to keep reading the rest of the series~

Donator — Him, He Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 18:20:41 )
@starlight: Aaah gotchie. Still very cool thatcha learnin a new language. Whatcha learnin it for?

And I hope you continue to enjoy JoJo’s. It certainly is a kooky ride. :D (also Battle Tendency is a great arc and don’t let anybody tell you differently)

Voltie — She/They Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 19:51:53 )

@Colan: Well, I always wanted to learn another language, and I like Korean music, shows, and such, so Korean just seemed like the obvious choice.

Thanks! I actually liked Battle Tendency more than the first part

Donator — Him, He Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/02/18 20:25:56 )
@starlight: Truly a cultured individual. :D

Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/20 16:28:15 )
I like gay and lesbian romances primarily (yaoi and yuri). There's a lot more yuri being published these days, luckily. It used to be so hard to find. "Bloom Into You" is my current favorite. I have too many yaoi favorites to name because I've been collecting it for 20 years! I've begun selling off some of my collection. It used to be hard to find so I'd hang onto it all, even if a manga wasn't very good. Now there are plenty so I'm weeding out the things I don't like so much. And since they're out of print, I've made some decent money off them. I had a duology that is highly sought after; I listed it for $25 and it ended up selling for $90 when the bidding was over!

I also really love historical drama-type things. There's a new one out called "Prince Freya" that I really like. Volume 2's release was delayed because of the coronavirus but I have it preordered. I actually got an e-copy of the first volume for free. If anyone's interested in getting free manga from the publisher, I suggest checking out NetGalley. Viz Media has free manga there all the time. The idea is that they give you an advanced copy so you'll read and review it to help them boost sales prior to release. It's really easy to set up an account there and they've never turned down a single one of my requests for their manga.

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