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Forums General Chit-Chat Why are things so expensive??

Donator Posted 1 week ago
Like seriously.
Was looking online for some nice lamps, something in like an antique brass color and the prices for some lamps were ridiculous. And some of them were kind of ugly. There was one lamp. Shaped like a duck, with a lampshade over its head. $180 bucks. Just. What. A hecking duck lamp.

And mirrors. Holy heck.

Time to hit the thrift shops I guess.

Donator — He Posted 1 week ago

thats the thing about antique & unique things
the owner can price it however they want xD
i would go for the mass produced ones, they are usually cheaper

Artist — Fluffywuff Posted 1 week ago
A lot of mainstream stores like Target or something like TV Maxx usually have interesting things for a bit less.
A lot of pieces can be found that look old, but have newer components, like wiring in the case of lamps.
A lot of the pieces seen in thrift stores may not have been used for a while.
If you find a lamp you like but it's in rough shape, they do sell ready-made kits that include all the bits to replace the wiring.
Just be careful, is all.

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Donator Posted 1 week ago
There are some good thrift stores in my town, though there is one I haven't been to yet. Found a really nice lamp for the living room at one recently, with lampshade only cost 5 bucks.

I am looking for some things that are older looking. My house is nearly 120 years old. Been trying to find a vintage door knob recently for an interior door but I'm having a hard time finding one in roughly the same time period as the house.

Voltie — ThirstyBum Posted 1 week ago
It's not expensive, you are just poor.

The dollar has had about 100% inflation since 1990. Wages have not went up that same amount.

That $180 lamp should be about $90 but your money doesn't go as far as it used to because there is more money and you have less of a share.

The raw materials, storage, logistics, labor costs, land costs, and taxes all figure into why things cost what they do. Along with this the king of price: scarcity.

The only things that cost less are computers and generic electrics because the supply has went up far more than the demand. Everything else? Your money works less.

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Voltie Posted 1 week ago
@Kay: have you tried looking at hobby lobby? I know the one near me has a lot of antique-looking knobs, lamps, chests, etc. for pretty reasonable prices.

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