Welcome to the Events Forum!

As you may expect, Voltra has a long list of special events planned for its future, ranging from long holiday events based around full event set collecting to short, mini-events based around special contests! This is the forum where all official events will be run. Each event will have a short FAQ post. The FAQ and any other official event threads will be stickied. Feel free to hang out during an event and make any kind of event thread--during events, restrictions on posting giveaways, shops, roleplays, hangouts, etc, are lifted. Go wild!

Forum Basics:

Currency Cap: 50 Volts

What Belongs In This Forum:
★Threads with event themes!

What Doesn’t Belong On This Forum:
★Begging threads aren’t allowed anywhere on Voltra. Otherwise, any event related topic is welcome in the event thread when it is active, even if it would otherwise belong in a different forum!

Quick Links:
Main Forum Rules
Event Schedule (Coming Soon!)
Current Event FAQ (Coming Soon!)