This year I got to go to my first ever book convention! It was sooo great. I got to meet Angie Thomas and Ashley Poston, two authors I really like. The con didn't let you take your own books in to be signed, but Barnes & Noble was hosting the author tables so you could go around to each author's table and pick up a copy of their book for them to sign, then there was a cash register at the very end where you paid for any books you picked up to get signed. The only bad thing was that some books I'd wanted were sold out by the time I got to meet their authors.

There were a lot of awesome panels, too! It was fantastic for fans of particular authors, and for writers, too. There were panels on specific genres (like fantasy), and they had free classes you could take (like on how to get an agent if you want to sell your own book).

This one was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is apparently an annual event. I am so excited to go again next year! It was a really pleasant drive and the location was awesome. Lots of good food and plenty of free parking. My state is actually having a book convention soon, too, and James Patterson will be there!

Have you been to a book con? Who did you meet and what was the experience like for you?