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Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 20:02:48 )

Welcome to Veng's quest to nowhere. The quest thread of Vengeance. Here I will keep up with what I am questing and what I acquired. Feel free to stay here and chat. Just follow Voltra's ToS. And no drama in here!

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 20:03:06 )


  • (White) Belted Dress
  • Tutu Dress
  • Ruffled Overdress
  • Summer Swimsuit
  • Kitty Dress
  • Strapless Kitty Dress


  • Raver Croptop
  • Black Striped Lazy Beach T


  • White Puffy Layered Skirt
  • Tights
  • Plain Stockings
  • Chunky Heels


  • PC Window
  • Error 404
  • Summer Tube


  • Short Pigtails
  • Posh Hair
  • Lolita Curls
  • Ran Hair
  • Wild Mane
  • Cute Pigtails
  • Twin Tails
  • Foxy Hair
  • Foxy Ponytail
  • Bun Hair


  • Voltracon
  • Porcelain Doll
  • Showstopper

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 20:03:21 )


  • Belted Dress {Bubblegum, Grape, Eggplant, Cobalt, Bark, Lavender, Coal, Tea, Cherry, Strawberry, Wine, Honey, Cotton Candy, Sea, Forest, Midnight, Ice, Shortcake, Candy, Blush, Mint, Plum, Tangerine, Taffy, Storm} *
  • White Belted Dress {Strawberry, Tea, Tangerine, Lavender, Sea, Sunshine, Coal, Eggplant, Cobalt, Cloud, Storm}
  • Wendy's Dress {Bark, Strawberry, Coal, Grape, Tangerine, Eggplant, Cherry, Wine, Tea, Cotton Candy, Honey, Blush, Bubblegum, Cobalt, Lavender, Plum, Midnight, Sea, Forest, Crocodile, Taffy, Candy, Beige} *
  • Elegant Dress {Honey, Coal, Marshmellow, Grape, Strawberry, Shortcake, Cherry, Wine, Sea, Bark}
  • Ruffled Dress {Beige, Grape, Eggplant, Midnight, Cobalt, Sea, Ice, Shortcake, Strawberry, Cherry, Wine, Bark, Tangerine, Marshmallow, Coal} *
  • Ruffled Overdress {Strawberry, Grape, Wine, Bark, Tangerine, Forest, Tea}
  • Strapless Kitty Dress {Blush, Bubblegum, Tangerine, Coal, Tea, Bark, Wine, Cherry}


  • Raver Croptop {Tangerine, Cloud, Coal, Candy, Blush, Cherry, Storm, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Tea, Bark, Wine, Strawberry, }
  • Strapless Top {Tangerine, Cherry, Tea, Plum, Bark, Sea, Sky, Cotton Candy, Forest, Lime, Shortcake, Wine, Coal, Storm, Strawberry, Cloud, Bubblegum, Grape, Lavender, Eggplant, Midnight, Cobalt, Candy, Crocodile} *
  • Black Striped Lazy Beach T {Bubblegum, Cherry, Strawberry, Sea, Storm, }
  • White Striped Lazy Beach T {Bubblegum, Strawberry, Coal, Blush, Tangerine, Honey}
  • Lazy Beach T {All} *


  • Suspender Skirt {Cherry, Sky, Shortcake, Sunset, Lavender, Grape, Plum, Eggplant, Ice, Cotton Candy, Coal}
  • Offwhite Puffy Layered Skirt {Lilac}
  • White Puffy Layered Skirt {Mint, Coal}
  • Black Puffy Layered Skirt {All} *
  • Ruffled Skirt {Coal, Cloud, Storm, Wine}
  • Skin Tight Jeans {Cobalt, Sky, Coal, Storm, Tea, Bark, Wine, Midnight, }
  • High Waist Skirt {Coal, Tea, Wine, Cherry, Strawberry, Candy, Tangerine, Cobalt, Midnight, Eggplant, Grape, Plum, Mint, Sea, Honey, Taffy, Shortcake, Blush, Bubblegum, Bark, Forest} *
  • Tights {Cloud, Coal, Crocodile}
  • High Boots {Plum, Wine, Cloud, Coal, Sea, Sky, Tangerine, Cobalt, Cherry}
  • Plats Shoes {Coal, Marshmallow, Beige}
  • Chunky Heels {Storm, Tangerine, Candy, Strawberry, Coal, Cherry, Cloud, Marshmallow, Tea, Wine, Bubblegum, Blush, Plum, }


  • Head Bow {All} *
  • Hairbow {Coal, Candy, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Cloud, Strawberry, Cherry, Wine, Cobalt, Tangerine, Plum, Lavender, Grape, Eggplant, Midnight, Sunshine, Honey, Bark, Tea} *
  • Large Bow {Coal, Cloud, Bark, Cherry, Cobalt, Eggplant, Grape, Khaki, Storm, Strawberry, Tangerine, Tea, Wine, Bubblegum, Blush, Candy, Plum, Lavender, Midnight, Cotton Candy, Sea, Forest, Honey, Taffy} *
  • PC Window {Cloud, Honey, Strawberry, Wine, Tea}
  • Error 404 {Cloud}


  • Dolly Hair {Bark, Blush, Cherry, Cloud, Coal, Eggplant, Grape, Honey, Laveder, Midnight, Sea, Sky, Tangerine, Tea, Wine, Plum, Cobalt, Candy, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Forest, Sunshine, Mint, Lime, Shortcake, Lilac, Khaki, Ice, Bubblegum, Beige, Marshmallow, Storm} *
  • Feathertail Hair {Bark, Cherry, Grape, Tea, Wine, Lavender, Honey, Tangerine, Eggplant, Strawberry, Plum, Cobalt, Sea, Forest, Taffy, Candy, Coal, Sunset, Khaki, Midnight, Sky, Cotton Candy, Ice, Beige, Marshmallow, Storm} *
  • Short Pigtails (Grape, Eggplant, Cherry, Coal, Tangerine, Tea, Bark, Wine}
  • Short Ponytail {All} *
  • Posh Hair {Coal, Honey, Tea, Bark, Khaki, Tangerine, Wine, Candy, Strawberry, Cherry, }
  • Back Ponytale {Coal, Bark, Honey, Tangerine, Khaki, Wine, Tea}
  • Ran Hair {Shortcake, Candy, Taffy, Tea, Sunset, Plum, Beige}
  • Lolita Curls {Storm, Lavender, Plum, Shortcake, Candy, Blush, Sunshine, Khaki, Tea, Bark, Wine, Marshmallow, Grape, Cobalt, Tangerine, Honey, Eggplant, Taffy, Strawberry, Cherry}
  • Cute Pigtails {Sunshine, Tangerine, Bark, Tea, Khaki, Beige}
  • Ahoge Hair {Coal, Beige, Khaki, Tea, Bark, Shortcake, Tangerine, Cobalt, Wine, Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Eggplant, Blush, Ice, Lavender, Taffy, Candy, Plum, Midnight, Sea, Forest, Honey, Bubblegum} *
  • Foxy Hair {Sunset, Candy, Tangerine, Wine, Tea, Coal}
  • Wild Mane {Tangerine, Cherry, Wine, Honey, Blush}
  • Bun Hair {Coal, Tea, Bark, Wine, Cherry, Midnight, Eggplant, Grape}


  • Enchanting Display
  • Unique Bases
  • Cursed Prince 2x
  • Sticky Fingers 3x
  • Skinwalker
  • Too Hot
  • Lil Piggies
  • Unique Long Braids
  • Unique Tights
  • Weather Witch
  • Flame Dancer
  • Chemically Powered
  • Ombre Ahoge Hair
  • Lethal Dose
  • Magmama
  • Rose Princess
  • Speedster
  • Voltra Land
  • Ombre Lolita Curls
  • Soulcaster

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 20:03:40 )

Reserved post for future!

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 20:04:02 )

All set up now. Come join and chat.

Donator — Your Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 21:05:00 )
Love what you picked to use!

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/25 21:45:47 )

Thank you. I am finally happy with the end result.

Donator — She/her Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 02:59:54 )

This thread is straight 🔥

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Voltie Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 19:59:04 )
@vengeance: Aaahhhh what is that font???
I need it. o-o

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:16:44 )

@Totalanimefan: Thank you

@Anarchist Beauty: It's a paid font called Coven.


Voltie Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:18:16 )
@vengeance: Bah, paid.

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:24:22 )

@Anarchist Beauty: Sorry about that. I have a year subscrition somewhere where I can download tons of graphics including fonts.

Voltie Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:25:17 )
@vengeance: Oh, nice.
I stick with the free stuffs cos I'm a broke lil child. lol

Donator — Your Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:27:57 )
I can see why you're finally happy with it, it looks great.

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:31:00 )

@Queen of Trash: Yeh everything now also looks clean an organized.
@Anarchist Beauty: I did for a long time too.


Donator — Your Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:32:00 )
@vengeance: Very clean and organized!
So, how are you today?

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:33:50 )

@Queen of Trash: I am doing good. How about you.

Donator — Your Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:34:46 )
Not too bad, but got stuff I didn't want from my orbs so I'll have to sell what I did get.

Moderator Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:36:41 )

@Queen of Trash: What did you get you did not want. Maybe you can tempt me to throw some volts at you?

Donator — Your Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/05/26 20:38:08 )
@vengeance: High Tide and Breezy
I sell art.
I'm buying art.

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