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Donator Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/12/20 03:46:39 )
I love Fuller House and I'm enjoying season 4. It's like Full House never ended! As a kid, DJ was probably my favorite. The actress's political views have tainted my like for her character a lot, though, so nowadays Stephanie is my favorite. I'm also kind of in love with her. lol! I'm glad Jodie Sweetin seems to have gotten her life cleaned up. She looks like she often doesn't know what to do with her hands, which is a little offputting, but I still really enjoy her character.

I like Kimmy better now than I did when I was a kid, and her brother Jimmy is adorable. I love the cameo appearances of Jesse, Becky, Danny, and Joey. DJ's and Kimmy's kids are really cute characters, especially the flamboyant Max. Fernando is hilarious and handsome. I like DJ better with Steve than Matt, for old time's sake. =P

It just...feels like coming home, watching this show. Ah, I love it so much!

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Donator — She/Crazy Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/12/23 01:44:50 )

That is what I am watching right now while typing tonight. ^_^
It is a great series! I do love that they kept the same actors and actresses from the original cast!


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