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Forums General Chit-Chat Need a break!

Donator Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/09/11 16:25:04 )
Work is so tiresome... I really need a break. I have a vacation coming up in two weeks and I had planned to visit my bestie across country, but I'm gonna cancel on him and stay home. I don't feel too bad. I really need some time to do my own stuff cause working 50-60 hours a week really cuts into my personal time!

Anyway, I'm bored. I have a lot on my plate today and it's becoming a bit overwhelming so I'm walking away from my desk for a minute. haha

What do you do when work stresses you out? I'm thinking I need to play some video games. Though at this point even running the vacuum sounds like more fun than work.

Donator — She/her Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/09/11 16:39:28 )

@Eldweena: I hate it when work is overwhelming and stressful. I hope that you can find time for yourself soon.

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Artist Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/09/12 10:50:00 )

50-60 hours work is also really long. Here in my country most people work max 40 hours.
Gaming could definitly a stress release. I would just do things that make you happy to destress.


Donator Posted 5 years ago ( 2018/09/16 19:53:49 )
When work stresses me out I go to the gym.

Just chillin'

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