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Forums Voltra Discussion New August Crates

Donator — she/her Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 02:42:49 )
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Hello there everyone :vanora_smile:

Do we get new crates tomorrow since it will be August?

I sort of wish there was a chat feature here. There are so many questions I've wanted to ask but it feels dumb to start a new topic every time I have a question. So I just don't ask them. XD

Donator Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 02:53:34 )

@Pisces: Yup! I'm excited to see what'll be in them! o w o

You could make a new topic and list multiple questions? idk lol

pls don't

Donator — She/Crazy Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 02:58:21 )

@Pisces: Very much excited for the August crates!

Also, related to the question asking, I just made this thread HERE to help out with that!
Hope it will help out everyone! ^_^


Voltie — He/Him Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 03:14:52 )
There's a handy thread here which lists some more information about crates as well. :)
Do not ever feel afraid to ask questions.
In general the best place to post questions or look for support is this forum.
Your answers are most likely going to come much faster from there. ^^

If you don't want to make a new topic for every question - Just make a main 'question' thread and post in it whenever you need more help.
I'm sure many volties will be glad to help you.
Dragons thread is a good idea too.
Having a 'Ask Volties Anything' thread where people can ask questions is a nice concept.


Donator Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 10:16:56 )

Yup--- there'll be new crates soon!
Dragoness' thread seems like a good place to ask questions too!

Questing: click here!

Donator — she/her Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 15:18:08 )
Thanks everyone so much for the help! I'll check out all the thread links when I get home.

Oh YAY!! I'm excited to know that there will be new crates. Looking forward to seeing whats in them. The designs are really good here. :vanora_smile:

Donator — He Posted 4 years ago ( 2018/08/1 15:20:16 )
Ahh so excited for the new crate xD

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