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Forums Feedback Just a few suggestions

Voltie — Burnt Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/2 04:56:58 )
So looked at in the works or well plans

But is there planning to be a dream avatar system at some point? I like making avatars and being able to see items together especially if i don't own them.

Also, maybe a sell back shop? Just for those items you buy extras of whether accidental or just no longer need and can't sell in the market place. Could be just for commons or something.

And just layering/cutting for the items. Some of the layering looks odd and looks like it should be cut but it is not, like my current avi for example. How the shirt sticks out in parts of the overalls it wouldn't normally stick out. Just some doesn't look natural i guess. Not really a big deal right now. I wish i could provide more examples but i cannot.

Admin — He/Him Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/2 05:15:59 )
@Burntcicle: We have plans in the future to introduce both a dream avatar and sell back shop. It's not in the works yet though!
I understand layering can be a bit of a hassle and we can't help that some clothes don't work too well with one another until we can introduce some sort of masking system.

Thanks for the suggestions!

If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Voltie — Burnt Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/2 06:07:18 )
Okay, sweet. There is no rush in it as i know we are still fairly new, but this is great to know!
Thanks for the quick reply!

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