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Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/23 16:48:43 )
Hey there! How is everyone?
I was cleaning out old photos on my phone and I have a bunch of art from here saved onto my phone and felt really nostalgic. I really miss talking to everyone! I don't really have anyone I talk to anymore.

I moved to the Saint Louis area in August last year with my sister, which has been a fun adventure; but all my friends are back home. I've been streaming a lot lately, but I don't really have any followers, so I basically just talk to myself for a hour while playing games.

I also haven't been doing much art since I left the site. I still do a lot of crafting, but my creativity sure went down without you all encouraging me. I've been feeling like things just haven't been the same without you all! I hope some people are still around!

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/25 21:14:51 )
Just saying, "Hi"


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/25 21:42:23 )
@Qiqi Agatha: hey there! I remember seeing you around sometimes! Didn't you always have interesting fonts?

How have you been lately? I hope you're well. ^^

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/25 22:04:36 )
Ha ha @Lina: Yes, with my interesting font. I'm doing ok, the beginning of the year has been rough but slowly getting better. How are you, since you moved?


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/26 01:28:50 )
@Qiqi Agatha: I'm mostly doing alright. Last year was pretty tough for me, both of my grandmothers died, which were a first serious losses in my life. I moved to a new state with my sister because she's getting a divorce and wanted a fresh start; but also the 'one that got away' guy that's she's known most of her life lives here... I feel a little like, dont you want some time being single before jumping into a serious relationship? But apparently no..

But the move has been hard. I managed to find a job I really like, but it's been a lot more hours than I originally agreed to, which is a lot more stree than I would like. On the other hand, they want to promote me to manager and I feel like at some point I should actually be a adult and be responsible, but I would rather not..

I don't have any friends here, and my sister used to be my best friend and who I spent all my time with; but now she doesn't seem to have any time for me, even though she dragged me across the country with her.

But it's not all bad! I've been working on starting a streaming channel for some time now. I manage to do a lot of actual streaming time even though I have depression, so I'm really proud of myself for trying something so hard! I only have a few followers and average like 1/4th of a person each stream, but at least I'm not giving up!

I've been doing some crafting lately, but I haven't really done much art since I left the site. I used to do avatar art fairly regularly.

Anyway, I guess I was looking to chat with people. Hopefully about happy things to cheer me up a little, but also just to have people in my life again. ^^

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/29 18:48:31 )
That's good @Lina: you like your job, that's pretty important. What kind of crafts do you make or working on at the moment?
Hopefully, you can make some new friends in your new area.

YES, Voltra is a little dead at the moment, so it's not as chatty here


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/29 21:39:31 )
@Qiqi Agatha: I mentioned crafting in Fuzzy's hangout thread, but neither of you seemed to notice that I posted in there.
I do crochet, latch hook, cross stitch, weaving, sometimes jewelry.

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/30 19:38:05 )
@Lina: @_@! 0mg, I'm sorry about that. I'm not sure how I missed that info in Fuzzy's hangout thread, I need to pay better attention.
You are a serious crafter! Cross stitch and weaving, I don't know how to neither of those. Which of your have you been streaming lately?


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/04/30 23:09:48 )
@Qiqi Agatha: My mom and grandma are/were both serious crafters, so I grew up with crafting around me. Cross stitch isn't that hard, it's like easy embroidery. you just make Xs on fabric to form a pattern. It takes a long time but it's pretty easy really. So like, its a heart:


I do little weaves on a baby loom with regular yarn, to make like little tapestries to hang on the wall. I've only done it a few times so far, and I can't seem to keep the tension even... they all get more narrow at the top. >.<

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/05/3 19:27:18 )
You know @Lina: I never done embroidery ever, but I do love them like on napkins that my grandmother have.
I think weaving is on another level, like magic. That's nice that both your mom and grandmother are weavers.

I mostly draw, paint, do some collage, and occasionally sewing bags


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/05/3 21:12:46 )
@Qiqi Agatha: I think sewing is a million times harder than anything I do! Hand and machine sewing are both impossible for me. >.<

My fashion lately is oversized tshirt and I've been rolling up the sleeves and I took a day to sew the sleeves rolled up, and it was amazing how frustrating it was. I was like "it's just straight lines, why do I suck??"

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/05/4 18:36:50 )
Yes, @Lina: sewing is frustrating even though it's a good life skill to have. I don't have the patience to sew clothes but have enough energy to sew mini gifts bags. That's really cool that you were able to sew sleeves


Donator — she/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2024/05/5 21:13:04 )
@Qiqi Agatha: I think sewing is one of the hardest crafts. So I'm always so amazed when I see people who make their own plushies or something. Even the design side I don't understand, but to make it too! That's like magic!
I love getting handmade things at conventions or craft fairs.

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/9 02:41:05 )
YH @Lina: , sewing you need lots of patience. I barely have the patience to sew my little bags. I buy handmade items too at conventions and on Etsy


Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/9 15:03:09 )
@Qiqi Agatha: I love finding cute stuff on Etsy. These days it can be hard to tell if it's actually homemade or if it's something they bought to resell. But I try to find them on instagram and that usually tells you if they actually make the items.

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/11 19:55:33 )
@Lina: 0mg, I have noticed that recently on Etsy, too. I just thought it was me who noticed some, reselling. It's so annoying!

Lucky, most of the Etsy shops I support are still homemade. 0ne of my cousins sent me an insta link where someone was telling their followers to sell AI art patterns on Etsy. I was really shock and disgusted. I'm not against AI, it has it's place, but not for homemade platform like Etsy and etc


Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/14 13:50:42 )
@Qiqi Agatha: Wow, that's wild! There really shouldn't be anything AI generated on etsy.
From what I've seen of people trying to get AI to do crochet patterns, it really doesn't understand what it's doing. I follow someone who makes the patterns exactly as they are given, and it's not at all correct. Like the AI is just spitting out random numbers.
If it was closer to accurate and then they modified it to make it better. Like they made the thing and then made adjustments. Then I guess I wouldn't mind if they were selling it. If it was just a tool to get them started on the pattern.

Voltie Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/15 15:24:46 )
I miss everyone too... everyone seems to have completely disappeared (myself included)...
Hope you're doing well Lina :3

┤▒├ Hangout with me! ┤▒├

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/18 16:15:00 )
@Wildfire: OMG! Hi! How are you!

@milkshake: Oh yeah, a new born would totally take up a lot of free time.
I hope you are enjoying being a parent though!
Find me @ PlayWithErica on instagram, twitch, youtube, and discord.

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/20 19:16:28 )
Hola @Lina: , sorry for my delayed response. My grandmother has been really sick and I've been helping to take care of her. I also had to yell out my mom and my aunts for not doing much to take care of their own mother

AI crocheters, that's really wild! These companies are doing too much with the AI's. I see most people using AI's as a money grab instead of bettering or helping humanity

Hi @milkshake: , congrats on your bundle of joy!

Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

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