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Forums Exchange [S] Summer 22 Orbs + more [B] Life Bites + Other Unique/Ombre Common Orb Items I do not own

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 04:39:40 )

    Orb Items:
    x1 Iguana Play - 3k ea
    x2 Sea Sage - 12k ea
    x1 Little OOF - 9k
    x1 Unqiue Summer Ball - 3k
    x3 Unique Rocco Pumps
    x7 Unique Ugs
    x6 Unique Harvest Overalls
    x1 Unique Will's Hair
    x1 Winter's Knight
    x2 Berserker
    x5 Cerf Lumineux
    x2 Bard
    x2 Knight
    x1 Harbinger
    x2 Knickerbocker
    x1 Gunslinger
    x1 Guardian of the Light
    x2 Ghostly Treat
    x2 Gooper
    x3 Paladin

    Crate Items:
    x4 Rock On!
    x4 Tattoo Master
    x3 Wind Rider
    x2 Sowa Soul
    x2 Hanami
    x1 Clowning Around
    x1 Synthetic N.07
    x1 Roller Derby
    x1 Queen of Pentacles
    x2 Onymodo

    I'm offering 7k to buy the Life Bites or will do trades for the items in addition to gold~

    I'm offering 3k per item~
    Unique Towel
    Unique Summer Tube
    Unique Sweatpants
    Unique Sailor Sweater
    Unique skin tight jeans
    Unique Titus Hair
    Unique Playful Pigtails
    Unique White Knight Bangs
    Unique Long Sleeve Crop Top
    Unique Giant Pencil
    Unique PC Border
    Unique Oversized Mug
    Starkitty Dress
    Elemental Baseball Cap
    Elemental Baggy Shirt
    Element Overalls
    Unique Bases
    Unique Long Braids
    Unique Diamond waist coat
    Ombre Ahoge Hair
    Dual Toned Knights Bangs
    Dual Toned Slick Hair
    Dual Toned Dolly Hair
    Dual Tone Swoosh Hair
    Dual Tone Styled Hair
    Dual Toned Edgy Ponytail
    Total Funds: 45,000 volts


Artist — Lion Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 05:04:14 )

I’ll buy your tropical trainer ^_^

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 05:17:30 )

    @KDA Drew: i will send you a trade~


Voltie — they/he Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 07:19:54 )
i will purchase one clamorous if available :>

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 14:33:00 )

    @Stinky: I’ll send you a trade!!


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/5 18:37:41 )

    @KDA Drew: you didn’t put the full 15k in btw! No rush


Artist — Lion Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2022/08/6 02:00:57 )


I updated it. Let me know if its fixed? I think there is some kinda bug causing an issue with trade pricing

Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/6 18:23:11 )

    @KDA Drew: no problem~ it was the correct amount and i accepted the trade!


Donator Posted 1 week ago ( 2022/08/7 02:11:57 )

    Updated the thread with more things I'm selling and buying~



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