Moody Says. . .


So it's been a while since I role-played or even wrote anything. At least since 2017-2018
since my ex kinda ruined it for me and i just got burned very badly with writing and quit overall.
I kind of want to repair my relationship with writing as in the future I plan to make my own webcomic and eventually
would like to return to writing the few stories I have online.

I'm wanting to do only 1 x 1 Roleplays. You do not have to be advanced writer, but at least be semi-literate.
I can write anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs but it all depends on what I am given as well as how well I am feeling.
Some days i'm feeling very inspired.
And other days i can be totally burnt out on stress or burnt out from art.
So i don't really want restrictions on writing amount.
I also do not want someone expecting me to post multiple times per day every day. As my RL life is very high on stress
so some days I just do not have it in me and other days I have art deadlines to meet.
So please be understanding of that.

I am mostly looking for someone who likes fantasy romance stories probably m x f
as I am also trying to figure out what kind of characters
My OCs are like so I can draw and write about them better.

If my characters are disinteresting, I can also write canon stuff. Genshin Impact is a big one for me.
I am also very big on Lore. And usually do not mind sad or dark lore either.
But i can also do wholesome light-hearted writing as well.