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Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/20 16:55:45 )
Pride month is coming up and my wife and I aren't planning to attend any events this year because of the plague, but I thought, why not read some LGBT books in lieu of going to pride this year? Share some recs!

Right now I'm reading "The Luminous Dead." It's a science fiction/horror book turned lesbian romance (which was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award!) about a young woman on a planet whose resources are drying up, who goes spelunking deep into dangerous caverns to try and earn enough money to go to get off the planet and move to another world. What she doesn't know is that the woman who hired her didn't actually hire her to find ore; she's looking for the corpses of her parents who explored the cave years before. And she doesn't know that she's the 35th person in line to try, or that everyone who came before her is dead... It's really spooky but in spite of all the lies, the women form an emotional bond as the one on the outside helps the one on the inside navigate dangerous climbs, dwindling supplies, waterfalls, and even alien creatures.

I've only got a few chapters left, so stock me up with recommendations for June, please!

Voltie — she/they Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/06/5 23:10:29 )
@Eldweena: Angel Mage by Garth Nix was a surprise! LGBT book. AFAIK he hasn't written any other books with queer content so it really caught me of guard (in a good way!) Here's the blurb:

The icon-maker and angel-summoner Liliath, long believed dead, has woken from her century-long sleep to pick up the threads of a plan that has already destroyed one kingdom and may yet destroy another. To succeed, Liliath must bring together Agnez the musketeer, Simeon the doctor, Dorotea the mage, and Henri, one of the Cardinal’s clerks, and take them into utmost danger …
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