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Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 21:35:02 )
Anyone doing any gardening? Favorite flower, vegetable, or fruit to grow?

I'm excited, the weather here is finally nice enough to get the garden going. Just got my garden tilled yesterday and today I'm going to start getting some things going in the garden. Probably just going to get some beans and peas in today, just got done making something for the peas to climb on. Also already planted some cantaloupe in a different spot in the yard.

Donator — Whatever Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 22:03:27 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

We have a ton of stuff growing
None in the ground yet because weather, but sometime next month should be warm enough that we don't need to worry about snow or frost

Put ya guns awn!


Donator — He/Him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 22:21:26 )
i only have a small area since i live in an apartment, but i've got some nice things out there. mint, fuchsia, catnip, cat grass, peas.

Ping me!


Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 22:40:58 )
Well, didn't get too much planted today, had to stop because it looks like its going to storm again.

Got my peas in, and a kind of bean called a dragon tounge bean. Got some cantaloupe in, a few seed potatoes and just put some lettuce seeds in a planter to try and grow.

I've got a few herbs too that I'd like to plant somewhere as well.

Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 23:05:13 )

I'm jealous of anyone who can grow stuff. Everything just dies in my care.
If that wasn't the case, though, I'd love to plant marigolds and sunflowers. :)

pls don't

Donator — Divine Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 23:12:54 )

I'm very excited to garden <3


°<°art by Keturah🖤🦖🖤

Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/28 23:21:47 )
I'm happy I can have a garden now that I have a house. Lived in apartments for several years, so it's nice to be able to plant flowers and things. Made the garden bigger this year than it was last year. I'm hoping I can get more from it than last year, got such a late start last year that I didn't get much.

Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/29 02:16:15 )

I think that everyone should start growing some plants. Food could be in short supply in the future, but I think it's good for mental health too.
I'm growing lettuce atm. It tastes so good!

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Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/30 00:25:15 )
Got some cabbage and tomatoes planted today. Still got plenty of room left for more things yet. Need to get some peppers planted yet.

Artist — She/Toad Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/30 01:11:12 )
There's something foul about the air here...

Once I can get my grubby paws one some basic stuff, I wanna start growing some flowers and some easy vegetables. Any recommendations for a newbie to gardening?


Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/30 02:37:54 )
Sunflowers or marigolds are a few easy to grow flowers, as for vegetables green beans are pretty easy to grow.

Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/30 19:57:06 )
I have bees. I don't really "keep" them but I keep them you know?

Donator — She Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/04/30 21:52:12 )
I have my orange lily's..this is the second year I will try to make them bloom last year was a success .. hopefully they will be a success this year too.. I'm usually not very good at planting and gardening I like to try though xD

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