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Yes! It was fluffy! Now that we all agree on what the creature looked like...
Look at this little guy! That's absolutely what I saw... They're cute, right?
I'm glad we weren't winging it, because I think this creature is clawsome!
[Apologies for the lack of question yesterday. There will be two questions posted this evening instead!]
About 45 minutes left to vote! Don't forget to mention the tail's length, if you have a say on that!
You have about 20 minutes left to vote! Don't forget!
You have about an hour left! Don't forget to vote!
Oops, looks like we have another tie! Vyctor, do you still have that coin?
Ohhh 12 more minutes! Don't forget to vote!
Really? Now that you mention it.... I think you're wrong! It was definitely on four legs!
Uh oh! It looks like we have a tie between two legs, two arms and four legs upright...
What should we do?
There's 45 minutes left to vote!
There's 1 hour left to vote!
There's 15 minutes left to vote!

Vyctor and Violet are struggling to make sense of this odd creature they just witnessed. They’re having trouble agreeing on just what it is they saw. Help them figure out what creature they’ve encountered by answering some questions.

Daily Questions Mechanics
Every day in the thread, Vyctor and Violet will come in with a new question to ask Volties regarding the appearance of the creature, along with a variety of responses. To participate, simply ping @Vyctor or @Violet: with one of the options. The responses will be tallied and the one with the most votes will win for that day.

The questions and voting period will reset every day at 4 PM Voltra Time. You will have 24 hours to vote. Responses provided after the time window will not be included into the tally.

The creature will be determined based on the most popular responses and will be made into an item inspired by the community’s choices after the event.

All participants in this thread will also receive an Anniversary ‘22 Goodie Bag at the end of the event.
@Totalanimefan: Violet offers you a reassuring smile, "You're always one for a pleasant conversation, so I'd say you have a wonderful way with words regardless."

@Count trashula: "I would imagine so! Just know that I am cheering you on, as hard as I applause-ibly can!" Violet giggles before sighing, pressing her cheek into her hand with a smile, "Even for me, that wasn't very good, was it?"