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This is my theme song.


I make pixel art.
Message me if you would like a freebie. ^_^

I'm a card carrying troll.

- 34 years old
- from the Southeastern USA.
- non-binary and asexual.
- I like to code even though I wouldn't say I'm particularly fluent. HTML/CSS/Javascript/Processing
- I'm a type 9 INFP, but I act like an INTJ. [For what it's worth, I am a confirmed INFP who is also well aware of cognitive functions]
- I'm the quintessential Terezi Pyrope. Fite me.


  • Shark Shark (8 months ago)

    IRIS!!!!!! My beloved

  • kiwi kiwi (8 months ago)

    Of course! Welcome to the site! :>


Japanese culture, being a hedgedruidess, divination, making pixel art, designing and arranging games that no one asked for, psychology, philosophy, ethics.


I have Koumpounophobia. I dislike myself as well, because I'm a "mad" and "uptight" perfectionist who sees all of her flaws before anyone else does.


The occult, vidya games, anime, comics, music, reading, writing, coding, art.