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@Luffer Nutter: Oops! I’ve accepted my end of the trade. Sorry about that! :)
@Luffer Nutter: Everyrhing is there besides the Vyctor Plushie. :)

I’ll update my end
@Luffer Nutter: sounds good! I’ll be looking forward to it. :)
@Luffer Nutter: Totally! Whatever works for you!
@Luffer Nutter:
The sets for the items sounds just fine to me. :) I’ll send a trade over your way. :)
@MoodyBats: Yessss. I’ll try, but I’m terrible to myself. Haha. I’ll be in the couch the rest of the night. :) got done with the house chores. 🖤
@Shark: Just made some food for the roommate and I, did dishes, and now I’m enjoying my cozy fire stove wile watching some movies. :) What about you?
@MoodyBats: I feel so much better today. Watching Resident Evil and making bbq meatlessballs. :) I even got wood from outside for the fire. Yesss.

@zuzu: It was sooo cozy. Tonight’s a good night. I feel so much better.

@Shark: Hey, sharky :)
@Luffer Nutter: Alrighty! I’ll do the dolls for birds of prey, wonderland items for the angelic, and 8k for sweet cakes? How does that sound to ya?
@Luffer Nutter: is looking for the 2018 block party items and the wonderland items mostly. Awwwhh. The npc dolls too.

Hmmmm. Angelic for wonderland items if you got them?
@Luffer Nutter: I need some of the block party items. All I have is the hat and beanie w hair.
@Hachi: I can do that! :) I’ll send the trade!

@luffer nutter: I do need some milestone items the most I think. Have any of those? 22k bolts for the three (angelic, sweet cakes, and Bird of prey)?

You two are sweet. Thank you. My roommate made me some broth, made a fire, and now we are watching house of wax. I love scary movies. Hehe.

I feel like poop, and I have a slight feaver. :(
Hey, guys. I’m not feeling too well. :( I caught some kind of cold. I’m sorry that I haven’t been so active. I’ve been trying to sleep a lot and eating healthy. I’ll try to be on here and there. Miss you guys!