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I really really love the idea of recolors in orb or crate form! So many good items that would be wonderful in other colors.
@totalanimefan: sorry for the slow replies, we must be on different time zones. That sounds great! I started a trade with the ohms. :)
@totalanimefan: Thank you! I'm excited to get them. Yes I would love to buy both. What's your ohm/volts rate or how many ohms would you like?
Looking for:
Her Grace
His Elegance
Nov. 2021 crates

June '21 crate
May '20 crate

..I have some other older crates from "20 and '21, orb and event items but want to check the prices first before I throw them up here.
Oh I love them! The pencil is fantastic. <3
Posted in Buying Solstice Event Items - Holiday Cookie Posted 2 years ago
@fading kings: Ahhhh! thank you so much! <3
Posted in Buying Solstice Event Items - Holiday Cookie Posted 2 years ago
Is anyone selling individual items or the set? I can pay in volts or ohms.
I'm most interested in the Holiday Cookie one. :)
Posted in Snowy Investigation (Evolving Item Hangout) Posted 2 years ago
Ohhhh I love evolving items!
posts and runs away (because I've been awake for 24 hours and need sleep.) XD
Posted in Snowed Inn Solstice Event FAQ [Update] Posted 2 years ago
The items are so cute! Holiday Cookie is adorable.
Posted in Selling new orbs buying new orbs Posted 2 years ago
@miss sandman: I would love to buy these if you still have them :)
Sunrise breakfast 2x 500v ea

I went ahead and sent a trade for the volts. Just cancel if you don't have them anymore. :)
Posted in [Buying] Camp Breaker Items Posted 2 years ago
I missed the whole dang thing lol. XD
Buying or trading for a bundle of every item that was released...or individuals...or whatever. I have coins, ohms, crates, and items.
Oh my gosh this is amazing! It loads instantly now. I feel so happy rn!
Thank you for this update.
Posted in Selling TONS! crate items, orb items, more! Posted 2 years ago
@laulipeachy: 10k total for these? Sending a trade with the volts. Just cancel it if you don't have them anymore. :)
Bearly Cute x1
Somebunny to Love x1

@Laulipeachy: I don't think the ping worked correctly on my other post so I'm just bumping this up with a corrected ping for when you return. :)
Posted in The Surge: May Crates & Bonus Ohms Posted 2 years ago
Ohhhh! I''m going to need a gazillion of all three of these. So pretty! <3