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it's finally gotten into the 60s-70s here, thank God.
Posted in Holy heck I am late to the party! Posted 2 weeks ago
@Onyx Popcorn: I managed to get the one item I really wanted; I figure if anything, I can add the others to my quest list soon enough...
Posted in Does anyone even like celery??? Posted 2 weeks ago
For the record: celery and peanut butter is delicious, but that's just my personal opinion...
Posted in Newbie Incoming! Hiya! Posted 2 weeks ago
j0, there.
Posted in hi Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted in Idk what to name this hangout Posted 2 weeks ago
@ChiffonOrange: the drawing of your avi in the first post looks like a cheesed-off Cirno.
Posted in Late Party Posting Posted 2 weeks ago
@Ruby: postan in a hangout thread

It DID say to ping you, lol
Posted in into the night | event hang Posted 2 weeks ago
Even though it's late at night and kinda slow, lol
postan in a hangout thread
Posted in into the night | event hang Posted 2 weeks ago
She said it was open, so I guess we can post...
Posted in Newbie here! Posted 2 weeks ago
I spy another Mene refugee!
Posted in How much confetti do you have? Posted 3 weeks ago
136 bits, I guess.
Hi Onsen!
How are you? c:

Awake. I'm about to go wash a few dishes, then jump on FF XIV for a little while before bed.
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