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@tuijp : If you would like too :) Just send me a screen shot if you can, or I can take one
@Tuijp: I am so sorry, my computer decided the ram wasn't gonna work anymore.. I ended up having to get a new one.
if you still have that avatar id be happy to draw it for you still :)
/kicks his leg giving out low dragon growls
Would you mind if I drew something for you as a thank you?
@Tuijp: oh! thank you so much :D the dragon is pleased ~
@galaxy: Thank you as well! the trade should be done ^^

@RainbowPanda: I do! What would you like for them :D
@Lithinel: I just got a set im sorry D:
Posted in Gamer's League [Open!] Posted 6 years ago
Thank you thank you~ Very glad to be back
@unicorn: no worries :D
@Zach: What would you be willing to offer?
15k volts or 600 ohms? Thats based on the price guide though -
@Galaxy: No worries :3 thank you for the trade
Posted in Which AAY do you like better? Posted 6 years ago
I love Qteapon's avatar :o
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Posted in Count backwards from 1 million Posted 6 years ago
@Galaxy: no worries i wasn't at my computer for most of the night xD
@unicorn: I don't remember having a trade with you I a m sorry D: I don't have any active trades besides Galaxy?