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Entries have been updated!
Entry prizes of 50 have been sent out in trades.
Please accept trades asap in order to use them on EIs before they leave shop Monday, October 9th.

I'll be back with our winning designs as soon as the results are in!
Thank you everyone for the submissions! The entries are looking and tasting wonderful! :)

The lovely creations of Volties~

Entry by Keo

Entry by Alorrena

Entry by FUZZY

Entry by neon

Entry by Count Trashula

Entry by Qiqi Agatha

Entry by AlexiAkira

1./ Maximum 2 entries per user.
2./ Please do not trace or steal designs. You will be disqualified if you do so.
3./ You may enter entries from previous design contests if they meet the theme.

How to participate: Send Luka a Message Titled: “I baked some goodies~” and include your entry.

Have fun~

Help Luka impress Vanity with his baking skills.
What could such a well travelled celebrity like? She must have tasted from the best!
Let's find out together~

The theme of the contest is - Brunch à la Carte -
Design has to be food themed and winning design will be added to Cafe Cerise.
Entries will be accepted until October 3rd, 2023 11:59pm Voltra Time

1st Place Winner will receive an Event Bundle and a Goodie Bag.
(And all the recolors of their item design)

2nd Place will receive an Event Bundle

3rd Place will receive a Goodie Bag

All participants will receive 50 x French Toasts prior to the event ending

Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago
Good work! Participation Goal Met!
[Nix item has now been added to Joyful Jamboree.
New Story Update on post four has also been unlocked.
Continue to join in and play, the game isn't over until the end of the event]
Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago

Freeing Luka from the weeds, JC pulls him back to the surface and onto the shore. They both cough, clearing the water from their lungs. Vigo and Milly rush to their aid.

"Luka! Are you alright?" Vigo holds the boy in his arms. Luka coughs a few more times, nodding weakly. JC pants, catching his breath.

"Luka...I am so sorry! I shouldn't have even considered allowing you to go off on your own! I put your life in danger," Concern washes over his face as he kneels down, placing his hand on Luka's shoulder, "Are you certain you're fine? I can rush you to the hospital, get you checked out--"

"I'm fine...I promise." He sits up, shivering. "May we go back inside? It's cold." Vigo nods, helping Luka to his feet. JC rubs at his neck, shame plastered over his face. Vigo gives him an irritated, icy glance.

"Perhaps it would be best to involve professionals in your endeavors, Officers. Rather than leaving it to civilians to aid you." JC and Milly nod in understanding, both of them remorseful for the outcome of asking for their assistance in the matter. "Come, Luka, I'll prepare you a warm drink." As they make their way back to the building, Luka glances back at the officers with a sad expression.

Milly frowns, sighing heavily. "Look, JC, I'm sorry. Asking them for help was a mistake--" JC cuts her off.

"I gave the order, Milly." He holds his hand out, grabbing his shirt from her arms. He begins to put it back on with a sigh, "Let's not dwell on the mistakes here tonight. We still need to locate Vontell. I didn't see any signs of him here." Milly nods, taking out her phone.

"Let me check in with Garry...see if he has any leads on his end." JC fastens the buttons on his shirt, visibly upset. Milly puts her hand on his shoulder, giving it a reassuring pat, "Listen if you need to take the evening off and go spend time with Cecelia - I got this." JC shakes his head.

"Finding Vontell is a priority. The Khiebus referenced a victim...but I don't think it was talking about our initial victim. Tch..." He balls his hands into tight fists. "I won't allow Vontell to--" Milly holds her finger to JC's face, silencing him.

"Alright, Captain Theatrics…save it for the stage." She pulls the phone from her ear. "That was a voicemail from Garry. He made some progress at the Ampere River and gave me a location to meet him. Let's get going." JC sighs, nodding as they make their way back to their vehicle.

Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago
    P U Z Z L E

    Current participants: 5
    Correct answers: 4
    Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago
    M E C H A N I C S

    Luka sets off to help locate Vontell in the waters of Lake Breaker, when he finds himself the target of the swamp monster known as Nix. In his struggle to escape the creature, he becomes tangled in the weeds, unable to break free. Thankfully JC is there to assist, but he needs help detangling the weeds to free Luka.

    Help JC get Luka out of the weeds by untangling them. Match the base of the weed to the correct top.

    REMINDER! Please keep your answers in a spoiler.


    The Nix item as well as the closing story will be unlocked after:
    at least 5 participants or all of the weeds have been successfully untangled.
    24 hours have passed if either of the above criteria has not been met

    All participants will be granted one Nix.
    Users will also receive 10 evidence for each untangled weed. If all are correctly untangled, a bonus of 50 evidence and an additional goodie bag will be rewarded.

    Users can participate in the activity at ANY TIME during the event, even if it is not the currently active thread.

    Answers must be provided by December 23rd at 11:59 Voltra Time.
    Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago

    Being from wandering stories, cautionary tales, or just simply a myth, the Nix has terrified kids since eons. Even adults have stayed clear of any lake or pond at dawn because of the stories that have been told.

    The Nix is described as being a big, looming creature covered in flora found in the lakes it lurks in. Old roots, grass and rotting flowers cover its body, leaving only glowing, yellow, pupil less eyes.

    Some say It plays enchanting music, like the similar Pan figure, luring women and children into lakes to drown them. Others say it can shapeshift and take the shape of a horse or a beautiful woman to kidnap and lure people into the lakes. Some even compare it to the devil, to lure and punish sinners and unruly kids.

    While there's a few different stories depending where you live, historians speculate the legend originated from small villages to make sure their children stay away from treacherous bogs around lakes. Patches of water covered by moss that seem solid enough to carry a person could easily be a deep, muddy pond that would only drag you further down as you struggle to get out.

    Some say it's a creation of the Nix, to trap innocent explorers and visitors, making them easy to prey on.

    It didn't help when people found well preserved human child mummification in shallow bogs. The more superstitious people were sure it was the action of Nix and only strengthened their belief, while historians and scientists concluded it was the way they buried people that died from disease, or simply people succumbing to the deceiving floating maps. Although they are unsure about the reason, some of the bodies were tied and surrounded by sticks, making small underwater prisons.

    It is said if you see ripples in the lake, a Nix already has its eyes set on you.

    Posted in Hide and Shriek | Investigation 5: Nix Posted 2 years ago

    Gravel flies from under the tires of the VPD squad car as JC comes to a halt along the shores of Breaker Beach's renowned Camp Breaker. He jumps from the car, running toward the water's edge. “Milly, go see if you can find help! Get anyone!”

    Milly nods, rushing over to the nearest building. To her relief, Vigo Aurora steps out onto the deck of the cabin to greet her.

    "Officer Milly, good evening," He places a gentle hand on her shoulder as she catches her breath. "Do you need a moment to rest?” He gestures to a chair. Milly holds up a hand, surprising even herself as she declines the offer.

    "I'm alright," She pants as she regains her poise, turning serious. "You out here catering an event? JC and I could use a couple of extra hands." Vigo nods slightly.

    "This is just set up. Unfortunately, it’s only Luka and myself - but please let us know how we can be of assistance." Vigo gestures for the boy standing shyly in the corner. He approaches, moving in to hide behind Vigo's legs as they speak.

    Milly points outside toward the water. "We have reason to believe that Vontell Cappala may be in danger and need help locating him."

    "Certainly," Vigo nods, before turning to Luka, "I'll return shortly, can you begin to--"

    "I...I can help too!" Luka steps forward slightly, trying his best to look determined, "I want to help find Mr. Cappala..." Milly nods, leading them both to the water’s edge. Noticing their approach, JC hurries in to greet them.

    “If you find anything at all, report back to me. Officer Milly, search to the North end. Vigo, look out by the rocks,” He puts a hand on Luka’s shoulder, “You want to check the docks?” Luka nods. JC smiles, patting his shoulder, “You’re a brave kid. I know you can do this.” They split up, going their separate ways.

    Luka cautiously makes his way down to the docks, the cool night air forming a dense fog above the water. The waves crash at the shore rhythmically. Luka pauses, turning his attention deeper into the water. The surface begins to ripple slightly, and from the center of those dark waters, a faint tune soon catches his attention. "A flute?" He taps his hands together anxiously, glancing around the area. Despite his trepidation, he begins to walk toward the source of the noise. "H-hello? Mr. Cappala... Are you out here?" His question goes unanswered, but still...something about this melody draws him closer.

    He steps into the water, wading up to his waist. An unidentifiable object pops up from below the water's surface, and the music grows louder. "Mr. Cappala... It's Luka. Are you alright, sir?" He wades further into the water, his gaze fixated on the object in the water. Completely mesmerized by the tune, he begins to feel increasingly delirious with each step he takes closer. "I... We-- we are here you..." His words trail off as he stumbles forward. Without time to react, two limbs dart from the water, grabbing him and beginning to drag him into the water. A pair of yellow eyes pierce the thick fog before him, snapping Luka out of his trance and causing him to panic.

    Struggling to free himself, Luka kicks against the creature trying to drag him under, but to no avail. He gets snagged in the tangles of the weeds that line the shallows of Lake Breaker, panic washing over him as he fights to stay afloat.

    "Help! Help!!" His cries turn to gurgles as his head is pulled under. His eyes open in shock as the Nix creature drags him down deeper. Luka opens his mouth to yell once more, a plume of bubbles travelling to the surface.

    The creature suddenly releases its grasp on Luka's body as another figure plunges into the water. JC grabs him, desperately tearing the weeds from his body.

    art by Q t e a p o n
    Thank were all so helpful!
    The They're Watching You item has been unlocked in Joyful Jamboree

    Check the fourth post on the front page for an update.

    Voting has begun.

    After watching out for notable landmarks you had earlier encountered and doing your best to retrace your own steps, you’re positive that you’re on the right track. Yes, right past the tree that looked worryingly like a gnarled old woman and take a left and you should be right back to the dream door!

    You should be, but you’re not.

    Your heart sinks as you shake your head. No, no. You’re positive it was here. This isn’t right. You begin to look around, maybe you’re just a couple paces off. It should just be around the corner. It has to be just around the corner. As you begin to search more frantically, a small voice trembles behind you.

    “We’re still lost, aren’t we…?” Luka fidgets slightly with his sleeve, “I’m sorry… You’re very kind, you shouldn’t have to be stuck here too…”

    Those definitely aren’t the words you want to hear right now, no you’re both getting out of there. But without a doubt, this forest is messing with you, where’s the door? Grabbing onto his hand you begin to lead him back further into the woods.

    “I wouldn’t go that way.”

    You feel a sudden jolt up your spine and spin on your heel to face the source of this unexpected voice. You’re overcome with both relief and confusion as Vigo looks down at the both of you with a patient expression. You can sense the fear instantly leaving Luka as his eyes light up in solace to see his mentor.

    “Vigo… You found us.”

    Vigo returns his warm smile, giving a gentle nod, “Of course, I did promise to never leave you alone, didn’t I? A gentleman keeps his word…”

    You frown in confusion, was this his nightmare as well? Why doesn’t he seem worried about the current situation? Vigo gives you a mysterious smile as he shrugs slightly, holding up his gloved fingers to reveal a dream key of his own.

    “I came to retrieve Luka. You didn’t think The Guardians were the only ones capable of entering this realm, did you…?”

    Uh… Yeah, you really did. Isn’t this place supposed to be off limits…?

    You don’t have long to ponder that as Vigo walks towards the place you thought the door was. Giving you an encouraging nod, he brushes aside strands of thick, overgrown vegetation to reveal the hidden door, buried deep within the forest, “Tricks of the mind make dreams a very dangerous environment… While I have faith in your abilities, be watchful on your journeys from now on.” He turns the handle to the door, nodding to you both, “After you.”

    … What is up with this guy? You take note to ask more questions later, as you follow Luka outside the door to freedom.


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    Doors Available:
    The Inscribed Door
    A Door Covered in Mysterious Writing

    The Youthful Door
    A Fun Painted Door Covered in Drawings

    The Slashed Door
    A Dented Door Covered in Cuts and Scratches

    The Lost Door
    The Decaying Door
    The Damp Door
    The Reflective Door
    The Unlucky Door
    The Shaking Door
    The Watchful Door
    The Caged Door
    The Overgrown Door

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