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@xvz: i love it. Its amazing. <3 <3<3
you did such a great job on it. :)
do ya think you can resize it for me to put in my sig ? : >
( not sure the correct sig size of things)
Posted in not that active. Posted 1 month ago
@Kitalpha Hart: haha yeah they are just old dragons they don't fit in my lore anymore but don't have the heart to get rid of. XD
so retirement they go.
Posted in not that active. Posted 1 month ago
@Kitalpha Hart: this is my lair. :)

ah yes i love dragon hell.
I live in the coliseum. XD
@xvz: yeah i still need to buy some commons but i am saving for more larger items. :)

no flight rising does not have avatars but it does have dragons you can dress up kinda like avatars.
Tons of clothing an stuff
this is my lair here
( not sure if you can view them offline ??)

an i am back :D/
@xvz: oh yeah they have TONS of lovely items an i want every single one of them.
Lol i only have a handful of things atm. but hopfullu gonna get more.

Been playing allot of flight rising tho i have a hard time focusing on 2 sites at once /D

I always think in a character creating sense when i make avatars.
Like could this be a character what is their personality an all that fun stuff. :3

anyway i am off to play some minecraft dungeons.
We can continue later. :>
Posted in Junko's hangout Posted 1 month ago
@ChiffonOrange: yeah i have a few sonas. XD

im good about to go off an play some more minecraft dungeons. :P
its beeen really fun can't wait to see what more the yadd to it.
Posted in Junko's hangout Posted 1 month ago
@ChiffonOrange: of course welcome. <3
thank you they are one of my sonas i love them tons.

How are ya doing ? :3
@xvz: same i love creepy/naturey things
Monsters are so on are my fav things to make an just things that are odd. :)
my favorite subject to design.

ooo can't wait to see what you make with veles. :D
I know it was an item i had fun playing around with
@xvz: yeah i have a few avatars i'v made i liked but i dunno i just really like this one allot. :)
the colors an stuff just up my theme of things i like. XD

I do like your avatar tho its super cute.
Posted in Mini art shop - OPEN - Got adopts Posted 1 month ago
Taking 1 commission. :)
@xvz: yee its one of the items i wanted allot on my list. XD
someone gifted me one while someone offered me a second in exchange for art. So i decided to give my second one to ya. :>

aw thanks. ^w^
I like this avatar allot. Been having a hard time changing it to something else.
@xvz: you do have some really cute art. <3 but you don't have to. :D I had a spare one.