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Posted in Menewsha refugee... Posted 2 months ago
Thank you for the warm welcomes! I'll try to remember to check in at least as often as I play Twisted Wonderland on my phone.... so at least once a week?

Yeah, I kept getting some odd error about needing to make a post of more than one character, even though I had several paragraphs. I tried multiple threads and subforums. :(
Posted in Menewsha refugee... Posted 2 months ago
I logged in over there randomly the other night, found the sad news and then spend a good while trying to make my last reply - but it's literally too late, the forums are bugged and won't let me reply or start a new thread. :(

I hear a lot of peeps there wandered over here. I don't plan on being very active, clearly if I was gone from Menewsha that long my life has moved on. But I don't like burning bridges.

ANYway. I don't really expect anyone from there to find me, or even remember me. But here I am, just in case.