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@Totalanimefan: Haha oh no yes, I can read and write just fine ^^ Just my mom can't. She actually gave up her citizenship when she immigrated to America so I'm fully just American!

Thank you! It was great actually, it felt really good to see how much love I'm surrounded by! I went to dinner with a family friend, and I'm planning to go out with some friends next week!

@Totalanimefan: It's been pretty good so far! My mom is actually Japanese so I've been speaking the language my whole life, but she immigrated to the US with her parents when she was only 5 or 6 so she never learned how to read or write which transferred down to me and my sisters. It's coming up on 1 year now since I've been here actually! I moved here just after my birthday last year and that was this past Thursday!

I see! It was a lifelong dream to live and study in Japan but the study abroad opportunities just never lined up during school time, so I'm glad that this time happened to work out! ^^

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wow your art is super duper clean!! I'm over here drooling oml *Q*


@ichii: I saw that you moved to Japan! おめでとう!私もせんこうが日本語です。でも、もう10年前ぐらいだけど
I went back to finish my college degree in Sept 2011 and I finished exactly one year later(I did business this time instead of Japanese). I spent months looking for a job and I started a new one in Jan. I like it. I just finished going through the training about a week ago. I'm still learning but mostly I do things on my own now. I'm moving just down the road soon. it's a new condo that keeps getting pushed back on the opening date. At first my husband and I thought that it was going to be Jan, then March and then May and now probably June.

Thank you! ^^

Ohh that's really exciting!! I hope that you can safely complete this headache of a process soon omg

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@Borealis: thank you ^^

@Totalanimefan: Right! Time seriously flies! It was such a huge part of my life as a teen/young adult. I've been good! ^^ I'm currently living in Japan studying japanese language.

How've you been? I saw that you finished school recently and that you're moving? Congratz!

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@Amber Lynne: Right? I was happily surprised to see that the site was still going! And that there were a couple people that I recognized still around too

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@Amber Lynne: Tbh the post style is whatever I had it set to from 2017-2018 whenever I was last active on the site before kinda disappearing so it didn't really occur to me that the text was so small. I do think back then that was the look I was into (namely being basically 1 pixel text haha), but my feeble eyes were actually having trouble reading the small font on the old style anyways so thank you for mentioning it! (Partially on me for not ever reading my posts after I post them lol)

Yeah that is a good point! I shall add you to the slots and get started on the first commission this week! ^^

Is that a TotalAnimeFan I see o3o)/

-crawls out of the floorboards-

You probably don't remember me already at this point but I believe we knew each other from the Ernya days! (I was Aquarius. or mato. back then)

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-sneaks into the thread- o3o

Hello there! I've just recently come back to the site after a like, 4 year hiatus, so I give you a welcome despite being relatively new again myself xD

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@Amber Lynne: thank you very much! ^^ My apologies! I've increased the size so hopefully this is better?

I will hop into the site's discord in a moment then, and would you prefer for me to send you updates on the commissions over there rather than over here?

Posted in Comeback Kid! [ART SHOP] OPEN; Come chat! Posted 3 months ago

@Amber Lynne: in that case I'll take on just one for now and we can work through the others as time goes on? for this first one I'd love to draw Ash first if that's okay with you! I will take the 2 year of the Ox as well as the 1 Angelic + 20k in Volts or the Ohm equivalent!

also if I could ask you to fill out the order form for bookkeeping reasons! ^^
Posted in Comeback Kid! [ART SHOP] OPEN; Come chat! Posted 3 months ago

@Amber Lynne: mm k! after some ruminating and research, I'm thinking to quote around 60-70k in Volts or around there for a fullbody render? and so! in terms of items that I would be interested in, I am mainly looking for an Angelic or Year of the Ox.

Also! I'd be interested in drawing Ashley, Elias, or ABC! And yes if you'd like to order more than one commission I can do that! They will be put in separate slots however, and worked on in sequential order as well.

Posted in Comeback Kid! [ART SHOP] OPEN; Come chat! Posted 3 months ago

@Amber Lynne: i think the main thing is that i have no idea about items and things like that so I wouldn't know where to start ^^; is there some sort of like, gallery or anything for items on the site? I understand that you aren't too pressed in terms of the actual value of things, but my conscience wouldn't let me just run away with something I don't know the general value of.

I am fine drawing pretty much anything really, but I guess males would be preferable? ^^;

EDIT: I have located the item museum thread, and I will take a look over there!