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Art by my good friend and Asst. Admin Qt!
Hi, I'm Fozzy a.k.a the Admin of Voltra and The Boss. >:3
Thanks for visiting my profile! Please say hello every now and then.
I really enjoy chatting with my amazing Volties!

If you ever need ANYTHING please don't hesitate to shoot me a private message or reach out to any staff members. We're always here to help and make sure you're enjoying Voltra to it's fullest.

See you around town!
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  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (9 hours ago)

    -tugs on your hair and runs away-
    -smirks at you from behind my mom -

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (3 days ago)

    This is true! Its a shame you cant cancel accounts after so long and take the items and make like a random event and give them away. I cant imagine how many are lost from people hoarding and leaving

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (3 days ago)

    I was literally just doing that! Omg like even my smaller must have list is going to take forever to find it all xD this is why you should never go on hiatus! Luckily I have some rare items to trade!

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (3 days ago)

    I'm working on her! XD need to get me some items I missed. Although I dont know apart of me wants to go back to the old one o.0

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (6 days ago)

    Been good actually, working as per the norm for me. How have you been? Its been so long!

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (6 days ago)

    Hey there stranger :P


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Pixeling, Working out, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee