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Haha! I love the short stories in here XD Some gave me the chills, others made me laugh and some were terrifying!

Well, I will join in the fun and leave these for my entry!

Black tendrils of smoke slithered across the floor, coiling around Ezra’s body, constricting tightly as red eyes glowed from the center of the billowing shadow figure.
Ezra strained against the ethereal bonds, trying to yell, trying to cry out for someone, anyone to save him, but his lips were sealed shut, his muffled scream dying in his throat.

The stranger stood before me, only, it was me; we matched perfectly from the top of my curly red locks, the bump on my nose, and right down to the scar at the corner of my mouth. I gasped, the air rushing from my lungs, and looked down in shock at the hilt of the dagger suddenly jutting from my chest.

Stars spun lazily across her narrowing vision as she drifted through space, mentally counting down the seconds before she was nothing more than a human popsicle.
Her empty O2 alarm blared in her ear at the same time something crashed against her helmet, snarling, slimy fangs raking her visor before the dark tunnel of her vision faded to black.

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@Kory: – Indeed! And I am too. I ended up donating to get a few of the orb and crate thingys. It’s a bit different from Mene so Wasn’t sure how they worked but I think I’m getting the hang of it now XD But thanks! I will be sure to let you know if I’m looking for any items and please do the same!
P.S. Pea is adorable and I love the sigi art XD

@dragoness129: – Hey that’s not too bad! I’m glad they are giving you some perks for working on the day. I can’t ever say no to donuts and pizza XD
Same honestly. I mean I still do love to chat with people and quest for all the items XD But I have so many hobbies and things to take care of nowadays it gets hard to keep up with everything.
Oh no! I hadn’t heard that :/ That’s so sad :( Faux was always fun to chat with. At least we have fond memories to hang onto!

@Ruby: - Oh my gosh it’s a Ruby! Hi! Thanks for the welcome ^_^! It’s so nice to get to hangout with my old Mene peeps! How have you been?

@icedchai: - General Kenobi… Ahhh!! That’s what I’m talking about! Literally laughed out loud XD Thanks for the welcome! :P
Do these agents have names? Regardless... I shall try!
Shoot, I must have missed the Unlucky Door... Well @Lin: here's my vote for the next one then! The Restless Door
Posted in Vyctor Fanclub Posted 3 years ago
I dunno much about Vyctor yet but I gotta have a dragoness hangout to haunt XD
Posted in Hello There... Posted 3 years ago
@dragoness129: - Me too! We've got our menu all figured out and tomorrow is my last trip into town for groceries. I hate driving around crazy people lately so I'm making sure shopping is done before the day so things aren't too crazy XD Ohh happy early birthday! That sucks you have to work on it but hopefully it is a good day regardless!

I am besties with Woodlandnymph and Linnea IRL. I'm not sure they are into the avatar site scene anymore, Woody got married a few years ago and Linnea is working hard on her job IRL but I will poke them and see if they want to join or say hi! I used to chat with Ignis on Mene but I haven't heard from her in a long while. Besides that I don't have direct contact to anyone else. If I can make some time to dig into Mene's backend, I'll look and see if there are any password reset request that have built up over the year. There were only 2 last December but there may be a few more since I haven't checked in forever :O

@Aisukohi: - Sadly my passwords are not at all that well organized. I find I often have to reset mine when I forget them >.>...

Gotcha ok. I'll have to check around for the suggestions thread then! It'd be a nice feature to have but I find searching though google works too.

Ohh I didn't see that button for marking as read! Thank you for the pointer! :)

Mene did not have a search feature for inventory either so that is something to look forwards too. Thank you for taking the time to answer my Qs! I appreciate it!

@Kory: - Me too! And I think I'm ok on items for the moment. Total was nice enough to send me a few fancy doodads from previous events. I haven't delved into the whole event/contribution item list yet so I'm not sure what all is available. I was used to having facial features (eyes nose etc) at the get go from Mene so it was a little different figuring out where to get those on Voltra XD If you have any suggestions of popular items to quest though I wouldn't say no to that!
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Total - I've seen Shin Megami Tensei games around but didn't really know what it is about till I looked it up today XD It looks interesting and I do love a good RPG. I might have to put that on my list if I can ever get my nose out of other games XD

Miss Sandman - Oh gotcha. I imagine they'd sound a bit different that the original actors then XD

@Aisukohi: - I did enjoy it quite a bit. I forget why I stopped watching but now I want to get back to the show XD

Hah! I have lost so many logins over the years, I feel ya. I just have my manga written out on a text doc though. I should migrate it to a spreadsheet and get fancy XD

I do actually! Have some questions that is :P
I've been poking around a bit on the site, finding code guides and what not. I couldn't find though if there was a place to search for things within the forums so I was wondering, does such a feature exist?

Also, back on Mene, we had a @everyone mention that would ping your whole friends list. Does that exist here and also to people get bothered here by mentions? I guess I mean is there an unspoken etiquette about it.

And finally, (for now at least XD) Do notifications just go away by themselves? Or is there a place where you can go to clear them manually?

EDIT: Can I also just say... OMG... The fact that the inventory auto sorts everything is so fantastic :O I used to lose stuff in the drawer system on my old site so often XD
Oof.. I spent far too long on this XD

Also, @Volkan:, I vote for The Unlucky Door!
Posted in Hello There... Posted 3 years ago
Oh hoo! I see now! Thank you for the pointer! :P I some how managed to get into the event forum but It was a very round about way through an update from Mayor Volkan that showed up in my alerts XD I appreciate it!
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Miss Sandman:
@CarACarn: I just though of the interview with ozzy osborne "hellloooo theeeere"
But well I like Starwars very much!

@Miss Sandman: Hah! Well that works too :P I never saw that interview but I just went and looked for it on youtube and... Wow. It sounds just like Obi Wan XD


Welcome! I hope youl have fun here :^D
You also arived at a great time! Theres curently an event going on!

@GoblinesAndTea: Thank you! I hope I do too. It's been a while since I've been on an Avatar site. And this event you speak of, Is it The Surge?


@CarACarn: -pounces- HIIIII CARN! -hugs-
Glad to see another familiar name.

@dragoness129: Oh my glob it's a dragoness!! Hiii! How are you? I hope you've been well and it's good to see you! :P


@CarACarn: hey welcome to Voltra. Most of us are in our 20’s and 30’s so that’s no problem. Obviously I also like anime ^^
A lot of us love ACNH so I think you will fit in just fine. (There is also a new Pokémon game out today if you like Pokemon. Gen 4 remakes )

@Totalanimefan: Haha with a username like that I hope you like anime XD But good to hear! :P ACNH is one of my top games right now. I do love pokemon though I came to the fandom late. I haven't even finished Shield yet D: So it will probably be a while till I get to the new one. I do like their remakes though. I didn't play the original Ruby but I started playing when Omega Ruby came out.

    Hey, welcome to Voltra :)

Thank you @Sunny:! :D


Welcome to Voltra! ^^
I hear so much about Menewsha, but I never had an account on there. I'm starting to think I missed out on the hype haha.

@Ark: Thank you! And yes it was a really cool place (though of course I am biased XD) And we had many a blast! I actually thought Avatar sites were mostly dead till I saw dragoness had posted this link so this place is a happy surprise :D

@CarACarn: Welcome to Voltra, fellow 30-something!

I'm a huge fan of MHA and Demon Slayer, so whoo! Just finished the latest season of MHA and watched the latest movie in theaters. Super pumped for the new Demon Slayer season, though I need to watch their series for Mugen Train. Soooo much other anime I need to watch as well!

@Aisukohi: Haha, thank you!
I will say I need to catch up a lot on MHA...
Last I left off on the Anime, Deku had just helped to defeat hero killer Stain and Endeavor was going after... I forget but he was fighting someone too. XD

Honestly I have to keep a list of Anime and Manga that I want to read just so I can keep track XD


It's me, Ava! 8D I used to be Ava until I came out as non-binary and now I use Kory, as it's a more gender neutral name. :D
How are you?? It's nice to see someone from Menewsha again!

But there are lots of us here from Menewsha. xD

@Kory: HEEEY! :P Well then I shall adopt your new name! It's good to see you Kory! I hope you are doing well! I'm doing alright. Kinda same ol same ol. Still farming, still have chickens, down to one goat. The usual XD It's so nice to see so many familiar faces :P
Posted in Hello There... Posted 3 years ago
I hope the next thought in your mind is "General Kenobi"... If it's not that's ok. Star Wars isn't for everyone.

But hi! I'm Car! Or Carn. Or Carnie. I used to belong to the long lost site Menewsha. If you know me from there (My username is nearly identical but alas the ' is an undesirable symbol) feel free to say hey! I knew you when!

Anywho, this site came up on my discord with fellow old time Menewshains so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm older now than I was when I joined my last active avatar site by about a decade XD In my 30s, I work on a farm so I can get busy and not busy in unpredictable bursts. But I'll do my best to try and keep up with a new community.

I like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Modern Fantasy books but I catch a few that fall between those genre cracks. I like Anime and Manga. Classics like Trigun, Cowboy BeBop, Big-O... Also newer works like MHA and Daemon Slayer. My nephews got me into those XD. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is my all time favorite Manga but I have a few others that are near and dear.

I play SWTOR and RDR2 PC. ACNH is also my jam along with a multitude of other games.

I haven't really delved into the formatting and such for the site but I'm sure I will get around to that. Eventually. Maybe. It's a crap shoot honestly but I'll blunder my way though eventually. I've at least seen to a basic profile! But if there's more you want to know about me, let me know!