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Posted in [search] Posted 1 month ago
Im back from a long break and writers block for about a week now. Im still searching if anyone is interested.

Alice nodded slightly," Yes but only when i was much younger." She seemed to reflected on the happy memory of that visit. "Hm....what has happened here? ..everything has started to turn metal and smell like tar as well of oil." She sighs softly, and looks up. "sorry i suppose the queen is going to explain why i'm here....." She shook her head as if she was already answering her own questions. She sees the castles entrance only so far away, and felt abit guilty.
She looks at her dress," i do not believe any part of wonderland knows this but The original Alice has passed on....." She fiddles with her dress feeling upset. "so how many Alice's have you brought here?" She was only joking as a thing to lighten the mood for the passing moment.

Alice looked at Chez quite concerned when she heard them say she might not even be the right Alice. She nodded regardless following them. She was curious on what they might be late for but seem to see the person was troubled enough. "Very well...." She takes a soft breath as she follows him. She twirled one of her reddened locks with the twirl of blond on the middle to tips. She has been here before but everything seemed so Different. She worried something was wrong as she noticed the Queens castle coming closer. She started to prep her self mentally, quietly speaking, " Farther down the rabbit hole I go..." She reached into her pocket pulling out a black ribbon and held it as she continues to follow Chez. "Is everything quite alright, Chez?" She tried to be polite before asking them many questions.

Alice hear the voice and turned around trying not to seem as easily startled as she was at that moment. She smiled slightly," Ah thank you for answering my questions....." She takes a moment to look around muttering slightly," Grandmother would be unhappy by the smell of tar." She shakes her head softly troubled for a moment. "Oh um How rude of me," She curtsies, " I'm Alice la set, granddaughter of Alice Liddell. who may you be?" She stands upright now. She waits for their answer but after they answer, she nods and asks another question. "May I know why You brought me here?" The smell of tar lingers close as many of the other creatures run off, Alice notices and covers her nose.

-Wonderland is becoming corrupted and mechanical in a dangerous way-

Alice groans softly as she feels the pounding in her skull screaming for her to stay still. "....that's" She held the side of her head in the sense of the throbbing pain from her fall. It went away moments later as she took a moment to realize where she is. upon seeing the wacky proportions of the trees and animals, she stood up wobbling slightly. "Oh my daisies...." She looks around for the Rabbit she had followed. "grandmother was telling the truth...." Her eyes lit up with a slight childish glee before get the stern look of unhappiness seeing some fear in the wonderland critters.. " where am I ?...and where'd that little white rabbit go?..." She huffs and dusted off her gray-ish dress.

(going to start this off pretty simple.)

(Nice sketch! I'll start the rp.)

It was a summer evening as the young granddaughter of Alice Liddell was in the garden. It was a quiet afternoon since it's been a few months since The original Alice passed away and passed her estate over to her only child. Alice la set was near reading in the maze as a little white rabbit passed by her. She Decided to follow it considering the pocket watch and vest it had on. She thought she was mad for a moment when it said, 'oh i hope this is the right Alice,' Then when down a hole under a large lifted roots of a tree. She followed and went down into the rabbit hole. She landing in a flourished area with trees and silly little creatures about. She remembers the wonderful stories of Wonderland her grandmother told her but little did Alice know this was not the wonderland Her grandmother had told her about. Alice was sitting on the ground gathering her bearings.
Alice La set
Eye color- Light blue
Hair color- Auburn with tips of blond.
Height- 5'9
Personality- bold but Curious
-Practically a splitting image of her grandmother-

(lemme know if i need to post more information and who should start it? )
Posted in 1x1 rp search Posted 2 months ago
Hm i'm sure our characters could possibly be the reason Wonderland doesn't 'go into madness' per say possibly by a unknown darkness? (my idea is some what from The game alice in wonderland madness returns. ) Pm me and we could chat alittle more about it .
Posted in 1x1 rp search Posted 2 months ago
Hey !
I wanna rp with you. I do write from 1-6 paragraphs depending on the days. I would want to do a Alice in wonderland kind of setting with our own original characters.

Pms would be much better.
i would be up for the cat person vs dog person idea, possibly with a mix a videogame setting.(sao almost but less of the overall drama)
im more than willing to do npcs and some extra idea tossing if needed/wanted.
Posted in [search] Posted 5 months ago

Sadly none of those authors sound familiar since i haven't been doing alot of reading recently.

Posted in Share The Love: Raffle Posted 5 months ago
the first picnic date i was taken to. the gardens were wonderful.
Posted in [search] Posted 5 months ago

I do mxf and fxf. riordan i've read very little of.