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Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/03/24 20:00:02 )
So, I've been a bit bored lately so I decided to pick up another game from the Nintendo eshop, someone recommended this game before. Anyone play it? Is it good?

Any other game recommendations?

Donator — Female Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/5 05:39:55 )

@Kay: Ohhh, that's one I've had my eye on to get to try tooo.
If you do get it, lemme know what you think!

Lately, my soul has been consumed by Fire Emblem though XD


Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/6 20:47:55 )
@Amber Lynne: I'm still debating on if I want to get it. It does look like an interesting game though. I can really only afford 1 new game at the moment so I'm still trying to decide on a game.

In the meantime I've been playing my way through three houses, doing the golden deer route currently.

Donator — Female Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/04/6 23:17:57 )

@Kay: Hey, same!
I actually really like Claude.

My Youtube. I upload Tuesdays

Ping me. always
ALWAYS looking for art of my Characters
If you do art, PM me

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