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Donator — He Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/13 17:25:01 )
Imo the main rules are easy to miss..
I would suggest to force people to read the forum before registering...
Then like add a security question for making an account based on the rules? Like how many account are allowed in this site? or spamming is rules number .... Or anything?
And if the person who register put the wrong answer, prompt them back to read the forum rules again xD

I also think some of the rules are too vague
I think many of the rules need further explanation xD

1. Post style...
The rules only states that spam isnt allowed, so when is a post style considered a spam?
what is the actual limitation on post style? Number of bbcodes? Number of images allowed to be attached on post style? Length of additional text allowed? Does abusing the length of pic on the poststyle considered a spam?

2. Double posting
Is it allowed? I only know triple posting isnt allowed unless for bumping a thread that is not in page 1 anymore.. And if it is allowed, does it being allowed in all forum? Even in arcade games forum?

3. Mules
The rules said we can only have 3 account max..
And shared account isnt forbidden.. So, does a shared account count as a mule for the one who make that account only... Or also count as a mule to everyone using that shared account?


I also think the subforum rules are a bit vague as well
Most of them are just an introduction on what the forum is and what are discussed at that forum.. xD

1. The Arcade
- Is double posting allowed?
- are copy paste the post before you + add something kind of game allowed?
Yes i know thats also a game... But think about it, now we can gain max volts everytime we post there xD
So its easily spamable to gain volts
If it is allowed, i think you guys should put a limitation there..

2. The Exchange / Charity / Mini Shop forum
Idk some rules about which kind of thread belong to which subforum are also a bit vague xD
-> Threads that are contests with a an item or currency prize belong in the Exchange forum
-> in Charity forum : All threads made in this forum must be for the sake of giving away some manner of item or currency. Any requirements for those items or currency, such as winning a contest being held or filling out a form, are allowed so long as those requirements would reasonably allow for the item or currency to be given away.
So which one is the correct one if people do something like that 1 volt auction? Which basically a charity yet have an item prize?

The same thing happened about charity / mini shop thread..
-> Charity forum : Contests giving away only art instead of currency and items should be posted in the Mini Shop forum.
-> Mini shop forum : All threads made in this forum must be for the sake of selling or buying a service. If a thread is not currently being used to buy or sell, please do not post in it and clutter the front page.
So yeah it says contest with art prize belong to mini shop forum... But the mini shop forum doesnt allow any thread that isnt buying / selling art

3.Welcome Committe
-> Copying and pasting the exact same message to every single newbie introduction thread is considered spam and is not allowed in this forum.
When is it considered copy pasting exactly? Because i mainly said the exact same thing to every newbie lol.. "hi, welcome to voltra" xD

Thats all i think
Sorry for the long post

Admin — He/Him Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/13 21:08:48 )
@Raxton: We have plans to expand and go more in depth for our forum rules. The current ones are place holders and basic forum rules to make sure it doesn't get too chaotic around here!

I really like your idea for registration and having new members answer questions about our rules to verify that they read them before agreeing.

As of right now, I'm not too worried about the games forum since it's a fraction of the volts you'd gain anywhere else on the forums, but I did have some concerns about that one thread you mentioned. ^^ (More updates on rules to come for sure!)

I'd like to make it clear that the "Forum rules" pertains to all forums. So double posting is allowed, just not triple.

Other than that, we'll keep this thread in mind when we revise and make additions to our rules.
Thanks Raxton! ^^

If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/14 01:58:54 )
Oops. I misread the rules and I have triple posted here before. I'm sorry about that and I wont be it again Haha ^^;
By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

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