Welcome to the Role Playing Forum!

Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be somebody, or even something other than you, either for fun, escapism, or just for the writing practice. This forum is dedicated entirely to the fun practice of roleplaying! Tag your posts using [IC] for In Character threads, [OOC] for planning threads, and [Request] for threads dedicated to finding other roleplayers, either for a 1x1 roleplay or as a group leader looking for your group!

Please Note:
★As a special reminder, please remember that all content on Voltra and Voltra associated platforms is required to remain PG-13 at most. Explicit content is not welcome on Voltra Online’s forums, discord, or website, including private messages. Please do not publically recruit for explicit roleplay and take any roleplay that seems like it may be heading that direction to a different platform.
★Each user is allowed 1 active one on one request thread in this forum. Please reuse your old threads instead of cluttering the forum up.
★Each group roleplay is allowed only 1 active OOC thread and 1 active IC thread. Please don’t clutter up the forum.

Forum Basics:

Currency Cap: 50 Volts

What Belongs In This Forum:
★Threads for Group Roleplay
★Threads for One on One Roleplay
★Threads Looking For Partners
★Threads Looking for Groups
★Planning Threads and OOC

What Doesn’t Belong On This Forum:
★Threads that are just for chatting without planning a roleplay belong in Hangouts
★Threads that for word games belong in The Arcade

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