Welcome to the Charities Forum!

There walk among us the very generous volties who spend their time on Voltra earning and donating for the sake of giving away to others--this is the forum where they can formalize their giveaways! Make a giveaway, a formal charity, or run a contest to give out your special prizes.

Please Note:
★All threads made in this forum must be for the sake of giving away some manner of item or currency. Any requirements for those items or currency, such as winning a contest being held or filling out a form, are allowed so long as those requirements would reasonably allow for the item or currency to be given away.
★Discussion and chatting is allowed in charity threads.
★Contests and giveaways may be cancelled without reason up until substantial performance has occurred, after which they are required to be fulfilled. IE: if you host an art contest and receive entries, you can not decide afterwards that you aren’t going to host the contest anymore because you don’t like the entries enough. You may, however, reserve the right to cancel a contest given specific instances specified at the time of the contest’s creation, such as a coviat that an art contest will be cancelled if there are not at least 5 entries. These instances must be reasonable (5 entries vs 100 entries), and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Forum Basics:

Currency Cap: 50 Volts

What Belongs In This Forum:
★Long Term Charities
★Newbie Package Giveaways
★Short Term Giveaway Threads
★Contests with currency or items as prizes

What Doesn’t Belong On This Forum:
★Begging threads aren’t allowed anywhere on Voltra.
★Quest threads can be tracked in the Quests forum.
★Contests giving away only art instead of currency and items should be posted in the Mini Shop forum.
★Threads that are just for chatting without giving anything away should be posted in Hangouts

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