Welcome to the Hangouts Forum!

Sometimes you just want to chat with your friends and collect Volts in the process--that’s where this forum comes in handy! Make yourself a chat thread with or without a theme of your choice, and have fun talking about anything and everything you can think of.

Please Note:
★Spam rules are still in effect in this forum, like all forums. Posts should still involve actual discussion, not just an emote or an offtopic word.
★Each user is limited to 2 active hangout threads each. This limit is per user, not per account, meaning that mules do not have their own hangout thread limits. A thread is considered active until or unless it is requested to be locked or it is inactive for 6 months.

Forum Basics:

Currency Cap: 50 Volts

What Belongs In This Forum:
★Chat threads, with or without a theme
★Newbie Adoption Threads
★Fanthreads for NPCs, Celebrities, etc.

What Doesn’t Belong On This Forum:
★Giveaways and charities should be posted in Charities instead!
★Specific topic discussion threads should be posted in General Chit-Chat instead!

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