Welcome to the Undercurrent!

For any and all topics that do not qualify on any other forums, and for uninterrupted chatter that is not limited by amounts of posts in a row, this is the place to be! Any content that falls under PG-13 guidelines is allowed here, even if another forum is specialized in it. (I.E. You can make your hangout here, or a game, or simply just random chat topics.)

Please Note:
★Spam rules are different in this forum, you can go for as many posts in a row as you wish!

Forum Basics:

Currency Cap: 10 Volts

What Belongs In This Forum:
★Threads of any topics. Anything goes as long as it’s PG-13 and not hurting others!

What Doesn’t Belong On This Forum:
★Hateful threads, adult-themed content, etc.

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