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Forums Feedback June Crate Items Feedback Thread

Npc — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/06/1 15:50:25 )

Hey Volties!

Your feedback about last months crates was really helpful! Reading what you think could be done better really gives us a good perspective from your point of view. It helps us rethink the sets in ways we might have not considered in the beginning. We can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about this months crates.

Now we know that sometimes perhaps a set is not your cup of tea or doesn't fit your particular style, so try to look for things that we could use constructively. Like for example: If this pose was made this way and you could equip it like this then I would find use for that set more in my outfits. Or another example would be: This particular mod or pose is being repeated, I'd like to see x and y being offered as well.


In order to create a standard rating we will be doing a five star rating review. So for each set your reviewing do a 1/5 ; 2/5 ; 3/5 ; 4/5 ; 5/5 to let us know how much you like the overall set.

We are looking for feedback regarding the way the sets layer, originality, variety in poses, etc. But don't restrict yourself to these categories, those are just some suggestions for the direction you can take your feedback in.

We do ask that you try to keep your feedback constructive and don't just say "It looks bad, I don't like it." As it's not very useful to us.

Here is a template to start off your review:

Rainbow Mesh

Midsummer Night's King


Thank you for taking your time to write this feedback, you are being very helpful!

Donator — He Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/06/1 16:00:13 )
Rainbow Mesh
Its simple, yet unique
Totally love them
Kinda wish the rainbow part of the hair separated from the non rainbow part of the hair, so that we can combined the rainbow with other hairs
Also kinda wish the non rainbow part of the hair to be available as commons, so we got more colour option of it xD
The shoes are absolutely amazing

Midsummer Night's King
This is weird, unique, awesome and odd at the same time
I dont think i will use a lot of the pose
But its an unique item
Like the rainbow mesh, i also kinda wish the beard to be a common item tbh, more colour options xD

I m impressed with these items tbh
Good job guys
Btw i just notice the merlantis got abs o:

Donator — The Devil Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/06/4 11:07:29 )
@Raxton: wait Merlantis has abs now? damn! that was the original reason I wanted it and I'd sold it after I realised it didn't have them zzzz

Rainbow Mesh
I do enjoy the shoes on it, they are pretty cute, I low key wanted there to be a pot of gold at your feet when the rainbow ends, or fade the rainbow a bit at the bottom so it isn't so square
its a cute item but I wouldn't really use it myself

A midsummer Night's Dream
can't really say anything bad about this one, the mask is lovely and so are the wing mask and the skirt especially.
sadly it doesn't come in any colors I'd use

still like the Merlantis a lot, was disappointed it had no abs though like in the preview, comes across like false advertising


Donator — He Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/06/4 11:11:14 )
@Pestilence: hahhahah idk why it have one in the preview lol
The old male base used to have abs before the site open xD
But it got removed and they plan to have the abs as a body mod
Maybe it will come in the next common update?

Donator — The Devil Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/06/4 11:19:51 )
@Raxton: I need those abs in my life
"Death becomes Him"

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