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Voltie Posted 4 months ago ( 2024/02/8 03:40:51 )
Currently having a middle-aged crisis so went back to revisit some of my old profiles on websites I used to spend all of my childhood/teenage/young adult years on (neopets, livejournal, Gaia, Tumblr).

Glad I logged back into my Zantarni account one last time before the final shut down this month. Honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Blink 182 was right...I guess this is growing up

We were fated to pretend

Donator Posted 4 months ago ( 2024/02/8 20:04:06 )
I saw that the other day. I loved Zantarni... I forgot all my log in info, but I recently went through all my bookmarks and Zantarni was there and I clicked on it and read the announcement. Sad... all my fav places are gone or people aren't around anymore.

Donator Posted 4 months ago ( 2024/02/17 01:05:16 )

I had a lot of accounts on Avatar sites but I don't think Zantarni was one of them. The avatar base looks very similar to my home website, Menewsha.
It's so sad to see these sites close down as they were a foundation for a lot of us growing up.


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