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Voltie — He/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/21 03:53:52 )
Good evening, everyone! It's currently night for me and I'm gonna head to sleep soon. How has everyone's day been? Mine's been pretty average, but kinda been bored all day lol. I hope you all have a good day, night, or whatever. <3

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/21 04:00:45 )
Also got some new beanie babies which i LOVE so yay.

Donator — Any Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/21 14:39:30 )


@nomnomwoobat: aww beanie babies r so cool, what kind did u get?



Voltie — He/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/21 15:02:51 )
@milkshake: Oh, they're just some cute lil birds from my local gas station lol. I got Gilda the flamingo and Austin the owl. Idk what kind of owl he is, but he looks kinda like a horned owl?? ?They're both so soft and cute. Trying to rebuild my collection of beanie boos and babies since my parents threw most of mine out a little while ago lol.

Donator — Any Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/05/25 19:07:41 )


@nomnomwoobat: I love them sm! Birds are one of my fav animals :3.
My legal guardian did the same to me. I fortunately kept a few but im in the same boat trying to build back up. Anything she deeemed immature, was thrown out. Sucks but it feels nice buying them as a lil treat for myself here and there. I just love stuffies in general, my house is filled with them!
My favorite beanie I have is Halo, she's sooo cute
I am so glad I was able to keep her because man, her prices are crazy!


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