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Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 02:41:55 )

I am mostly just holding my wishlist here.
If I have this in the wrong place, please let me know!


Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 02:42:57 )

What I am offering for said items.


Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 02:43:21 )


13k V - Frog Prince
18k V - Demonic
46k V - Alice
9k V - Autumnal Spruce
32k V - Floral Empress
20k V - Merlantis
6.5k V - Spring Showers]
18k V - Strawberry Delight
6k V - Tootsie
5.5k V - Zaz La
14k V - The Messenger
7k V - Scarecrow
6k V - Encore
6k V - Styr
14k V - Ancient Splendor
9.5k V - Wonderous Wisteria
5k V - Battle of the Bard
12k V - Woodland Fae
4.8k V - Splish Splash]
25k V - Corrupted Ichor
6.8k V - Faerie Queen
7k V - Untamed
7.2k V - Harvest Diaity
5.5k v - Doggo of Death
5.6k V - Feline of Fertility
6.2k V - Gone Batty
5.4k V - Howling Mad
6k V - Fall Harvest
13.2k K - Sheepish
5.4k V[/b - [b]Berry Citrus
5.2k V - Perennial Premier
6k V - Timely Manner
12.8k V - Botanist
5.8k V - Harlequin
5.5k V - Nifty Nurse
5.6k V - Bearly Cute
6.2k V - Some Bunny to Love
14.4k V - Fabled Beauty
5.5k V - Dreams of Delight
4.8k V - Hanami
5.8k V - Bride of Death
5.6k V - Groom of Death
14.8k V - Chrysaora Wtch
5.8k V - Cheshire Carbaret
5.4k V - Heartbreak Coffin
5.2k V - Heartbreak Hammer
14.6k V - Fleurs d'espoir
4.3k V - Surgical Study
12.8k V - Hexed or Blessed
5.2k V - Fallin' for You
5.2k V - KPOP Nonstop!
5.3k V - Krampus
5.4k V - Silent Night
14.8k V - The First Star
4.1k V - Sowa's Soul
4.2k V - Rogue Bot
5.4k V - Love Bites
5.2k V - Misery Loves Company

34.8k V - Virtuous Guard
30.2k V - Nefarious Guard
22.6k V - Bubblenaut
24.2k V - Hedera Fey
22.4k V - On Guard!

Working on it......

Currently I want Forest Trainer Orb and Tropical Trainer Orb!!
Or specifically, Lovely Lop, Tricksy Tanuki, Forest Trainer, Tropical Trainer, Life Bites, and Forest Sapling.


Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 02:44:15 )

Open for commenting!


Donator — Any Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 08:59:12 )

Good luck on your questing <3

Please ping me!

Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 15:31:43 )

I think your thread is in the right place. ^^ Good luck with the quest. If you ever want to chat, you can just ping me. ^^


Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 22:34:56 )
Yes! Please chat with me!!!
All the avatar sites are so dead right now!! I'm lonely.

Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/25 22:37:13 )

@YukiThePanda: I'm here now! Before I was studying XD
What have you been up to?


Donator — I am Cat Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/26 02:13:34 )
Whatcha studying? Also sorry.
My fiancé got home and asked me to help with some
house work.
I've been good. Struggling with bills. But good. How about you?

Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2022/07/26 14:48:32 )

@YukiThePanda: It's cool. I'm sure you have a cleaner house now and that's always worth it. I need to clean today too.
Struggling with bills is the worst kind of stress to me. I really hate it.
I'm studying Business Administration in general, but this class is Operations and Supply Chain Management. Not super interesting but it doesn't seem that hard so far. It's just that a lot of the vocab is similar words but they mean different things. Like Design Capacity and Effective Capacity. So I keep switching which one means what lol

By Ghost
Discord: Totalanimefan
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.