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Forums Entertainment Fantastic Beasts 3 hit HBO Max today!

Donator — Am Potato Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/05/31 10:33:57 )
I'm really excited about it. I finally watched 2 last week (i've owned it for like 3 years but never watched it) and i'm excited to watch this one! I read somewhere that 2 kind of flopped but i really enjoyed it. Hopefully 3 isn't a disappointment!

Artist — Lion Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/05/31 18:38:00 )

I saw 3 in theaters when it released. It’s actually REALLY good. Though the sudden change from Johnny Depp to Mads Mikkelsen was kinda abrupt. It wasn’t bad, just kinda was like “Pretend this was Grindelwald the whole time”. Lol. I think the movie really went well even without Depp. Some very shocking things to find out considering I’ve never really been a Harry Potter follower (Never read the books and only JUST watched all the movies this last month). The movie did really well on VFX and details and always kept a consistent pace! I didn’t get bored at any point.

And then there’s Jude Law… 🤤 This man is just *chefs kiss*. So attractive… but ignore me 😂

Donator — Am Potato Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2022/06/1 03:56:05 )
@KDA Drew: you are not wrong about Jude Law. He is quite pleasant to look at. i love his eyes :]

I was going to watch it earlier today but my headset was dead and i didn't wanna watch it in my desk chair with them hooked up to my PC with the 3mm cord they came with (they can do the 3mm charged or not, and if they're charged they are wireless. But you can charge them while the 3mm is in, so that's nice.) So once i catch up on my pings i may go watch it. I'm glad to hear that you thought it was really good. I personally love all things harry potter, especially the fantastic beasts movies (i'm also a sucker for Eddie Redmayne, he's just so precious in his role as Newt.), so i'm really excited about the 3rd FBAWTFT . I kind of figured the shift from Depp to Mikkelsen would be abrupt, but that's pretty common for recastings. They kind of sweep it under the rug, usually.

Edit: I finally watched it! It was so good! I really hope there's at least one more to tie everything up with grindlwald. It's also really nice seeing more of Dumbledore's back story.

Donator Posted 7 days ago ( 2022/06/23 19:05:41 )
I binge watched all three movies in 2 days and I was not dissapointed.... I enjoyed them all. I kinda think the switch of Johnny Depp was ok, was stange getting used to though... but it was a good movie and I can't wait for the others to come out.

Donator — Am Potato Posted 7 days ago ( 2022/06/23 20:17:15 )
@macsen191: i agree! Mikkelsen definitely took a little adjusting to, because he wanted to play Grindelwald his own way and now how Depp was playing him, so that's a big reason as to why.
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