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Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/7 23:23:18 )
OOC: That would be.. AMAZING. I'm going to write that in. xD (if you don't mind!)


Eli was excited that Lilly didn't mind spending a night with him. It'd been a very long time since he'd spent such a long time with a girl, let alone someone as beautiful and as charming and talented as Lilly. He'd have to do his best to remain calm, for his anxious heart certainly loved to ruin perfect moments like these for him. As he was paying for the coffee, he blushed when Sarah smiled at him. It was still so hard to get used to people actually being kind and friendly to him. In the big city, everyone was so busy living their own lives that they rarely had time to be courteous. In fact, you were lucky if they didn't just outright insult you for bumping into them in a crowded walkway. Eli nodded and lowered his head, trying to avoid her noticing his flushed face.

"Yes!" He squeaked when Sarah asked if that would be it. When she placed the bills in her apron, Eli let out a sigh of relief and made his way back to the table where he and Lilly were seated. He immediately flung himself to his guitar, checking for any sort of marks or scuffs on the case, though he knew nothing had happened since he'd been watching the entire time. "Okay..." He whispered. "Everything is good." He twisted himself in his chair and carefully laid the guitar against the leg of the chair near his feet. He placed a hand on the neck of the case and held it there protectively.

"I'm... I'm glad you want to spend the night with me!" Eli said excitedly. He realized how awkward that sounded and shook his head, feeling stupid. "I-I mean... not like that. I mean, just having a friend to talk to is nice enough." He chuckled nervously. "Um... so have you always lived in this town?" He asked, simply trying to keep a conversation going. He was terrible at conversations, but he'd hoped that just being around Lilly's positive energy might give him the motivation and the inspiration to learn to talk and actually form sentences and words that make sense.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/7 23:48:21 )

ooc: i don't mind at all ^~^


Sarah smiled as she watched the young man hurry back to the table. She'd meant to ask if the coffee was for him or Lilly, but her words got away from her. It happened sometimes with her age. She soon went to make the coffee he ordered.

Lilly watched him curiously as Eli returned and inspected the guitar and its case. It made her smile, how much he obviously cared for the guitar, and she giggled quietly when he expressed being happy about hanging out tonight. "I know what you meant, and I don't mind. I quite like your company." She admitted shyly. "It's been awhile since I've had anyone to just talk to like this, especially about music." She said with a smile.

She nodded at the question about her living here her whole life. "I was born here, further in town though. We moved out here to get away from the busy city, but didn't want to leave the state." She said casually. "Ms. Sarah met my parents when we moved out here and we were looking for houses for sell, I was very young. They became friends, though she didn't like how my parents were, even when we came here." She shrugged some. "But that's all in the past and this is now. My parents don't come here much anymore unless they have a day off with nothing else to do.. I love coming here though whenever I can." She smiled once more, feeling herself ramble a little. "I hope you don't have to meet them." She said, meaning no disrespect to him or her parents. She just didn't want them scaring him off.

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/8 07:18:24 )

"Really?" Eli beamed proudly. He'd never had anyone tell him that they enjoyed his company. Well, never besides one person in his life. But that wasn't someone he wanted to think about at the moment. it was just too painful of a memory. He smiled, feeling happy of himself. "I really enjoy your company too! I really appreciate how kind you've been to me!" He glanced back at Sarah to see if she was making the drink and found himself feeling nervous again. Lilly had accepted his offer, he should feel happy. But yet, he was feeling somewhat strange. He didn't want her to think of him as trying to buy her loyalty in any way. He started to overthink again but was interrupted when he heard Lilly's voice speaking again.

Eli didn't interrupt once while Lilly shared her story, but at the end when she remarked that she hoped he never met her parents, he blushed and felt awkward, not really knowing how to respond. He could have said something along the lines of, Parents suck and no one needs them! Especially considering his own childhood, how he was pretty much forced to eat, breathe and sleep music his entire life... never having the chance to do anything else or be anything else. He had very few friends and the one that he did have ended up tragically passing away. He blamed his parents for their death too, and blamed his parents for his life turning out the way it did, though some could argue that he was relatively successful in the game of "life". Or, Eli could say something nice like, Oh no, I'd LOVE to meet your parents! but that would only come off as creepy and maybe way too forward.

Although Eli truly enjoyed Lilly's company and found her to be a dazzling beauty along with an amazing talent, he didn't feel any sort of romantic attraction to her. He saw her as a friend and nothing more. Though, if he weren't careful, he knew his heart could spin it into something more and then he'd be in trouble. He awkwardly shook the thought out of his head and simply resorted to chuckling nervously... "Well... I guess your parents are a lot like mine." He said simply. He didn't want to ruin the moment by choosing between his two options, so instead decided to soften the blow by talking about his own parents instead.

"This is a lovely place, I can see why you'd come here often!"

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/9 13:14:23 )

Ooc: Sorry for ghosting yesterday, we were really busy at work and kept busy by my boss. By the time i got home, i ate and fell asleep ^^'


Lilly nodded lightly and smiled as Sarah brought the coffee over to the table and set it down on the table. "It's not mic night, but you let me know if you want to sing." The woman said to Lilly with a warm smile. Lilly blushed and nodded to the offer.

Sarah then headed back to the counter. Lilly glanced at Eli when she noticed how quiet he'd gotten and began to worry she said something to offend him. When he did speak, she offered him a small smile. "It is."

Donator — They/Them Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/12 02:46:09 )


When Eli overheard Sarah ask if Lilly wanted to sing, he immediately nodded his head vigorously and shouted, "YES!" He blushed having immediately realized what he'd done and he shrunk back into his chair. "I-I mean... I'd love to hear you sing again, Lilly!" He smiled. He was feeling terribly embarrassed for his outburst, but he found Lilly's singing to be completely entrancing and he would simply kill to hear her sing again! He couldn't help but feel excited when he saw Lilly nod as well! This would be too good to be true! He felt his heart leaping in his chest again.

Eli grinned when Lilly said that it was, indeed a nice place. "I'd like to come here more often!" He admitted.


Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/23 18:59:11 )

Ooc: Im so sorry, i let this get away from me ;~;

Hear is the song she's singing;


Lilly's cheeks darkened at Eli's 'request' to hear her sing when Sarah offered. Sarah could only smile fondly at the two of them and noticed Lilly nod some as if accepting the offer. "Okay." Lilly said softly with a bright smile. Sarah chuckled. "Any special requests?" The woman asked and Lilly shook her head. Sarah then headed to the back to get a song going.

Lilly glanced at Eli and smiled. "I come here as much as I can." She admitted woth a faint blush before standing and walking onto the small stage, picking up the microphone. "Evening everyone. I know it isn't open mic night, but Ms. Sarah has offered so I hope you enjoy." She said, and a few of the people cheered as the music started.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/25 05:21:27 )

((OOC; It's okay! I kinda have been just struggling to get posts out myself. So please don't feel like you need to rush to get posts in. I'll probably be very, very slow with my responses. :c))

Eli was ecstatic when Lilly had agreed to sing. He couldn't contain his joy! It would be just his luck that he'd get to hear her sing TWICE in the same week! He glanced up at her while she walked onto the stage and he could not hide his big, goofy grin. When the music began to play and other people began to cheer, Eli looked around and smiled even bigger, happy that other people were enjoying the same voice that he was. He turned to look back at Lilly on stage and as she began to sing, he once again felt that feeling like there was no one else in the room besides Lilly.

When he heard the lyrics he found that he could relate to them, which made the connection feel so much stronger. He looked up at Lilly in awe, she was certainly like an angel in his eyes, her voice was angelic and heavenly if he did say so himself. He hung onto every word that escaped her lips and he watched intently, yet, as though he were transported someplace different entirely. He caught himself staring at Lilly, and decided to turn away for a moment, feeling embarrassed and unsure of whether or not she'd find him creepy. Still, when he heard her voice again, he peered at her from the side of his eyes and looked up at her, still in awe.

When the song was finished, Eli rose to his feet and started to clap, as though he had just witnessed the best opera, or the best performance he'd ever seen in his life! However, in that moment, you simply couldn't tell Eli that that wasn't the best performance he'd ever seen in his life. He cheered for Lilly, excited to have heard her sing again.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/25 20:39:59 )

ooc: i hope your having a happy and safe thankgiving! ~<3


Lilly never felt shy when she sang, not at the coffee shop anyway, but today felt different..

She felt like someone was watching her, and she wasn't talking about Eli or the others, it felt more like someone was watching her with criticizing eyes and towards the end of the song, she could feel her heart beating against her ribs as anxiety crept through. She closed her eyes to focus on the song and bowed once the song came to a close before heading off the stage and disappearing into the bathroom.

Sarah was certainly concerned, never having seen Lilly take off like that, unless her parents were visiting, which made a frown form on her lips as her hazel eyes scanned the customers in her coffee shop. She went to make a cup of coffee for Eli and a tea for Lilly for whenever she came out, and casually headed to the table where Eli sat with a tray. "Made some coffee and tea, give her a few minutes to come out. Not sure what has her anxious, but I can think of one reason. Will you stay?" She spoke softly, figuring the young man was probably just as worried, and set the drinks on the table. She glanced around the small shop once more before picking up the tray and going back to the front counter.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/12/8 18:13:49 )

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Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/12/9 01:11:20 )

((OOC; Hey hey. I'm doing okay, just struggling a little bit with some IRL stuff. :c
I've not forgotten about our RP, though! I hope to get to all of my RPs pretty soon!))


Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2022/01/18 01:33:50 )
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Voltie Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/13 23:03:31 )
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Donator — They/Them Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/14 03:23:20 )
Without losing his composure, Eli applauded wildly at Lily's performance. However, when she suddenly took off towards the restroom, his wide grin immediately dropped into an expression of horror and concern. What happened?! He stared in the direction at the bathroom door in confusion, then slowly sat back down in his seat, unsure of whether or not he should check on her..

When Sarah approached with some drinks, Eli looked up at her with worry in his eyes. "... Is she okay?" But his concerns were matched with Sarah's when she revealed that it was unusual for Lily to get anxious. "...Yes. Perhaps..." Eli began. "Perhaps I should go and check on her? Make sure she's alright?" He stood back up from where he was seated and began to shuffle around the table and chair. "I won't go in, obviously..." He blushed a little, it was fairly obvious that he wouldn't follow Lily into the women's bathroom, still, he felt the need to clarify. Just in case anyone assumed he was being creepy. He stared at his feet awkwardly, he was certainly very, very BAD with communication. "I'll just knock on the door and see if she's okay..."


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Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2022/06/11 20:47:01 )
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Sarah glanced at him when he spoke and offered him a soft smile, even with nervous denfences. "I would grately appreciate it." She said with a light nod to his offer to check on her. It would give her a chance to inspect the rest of the people inside her coffee shop. She was fairly certain she'd briefly seen Lilly's mother.


Lilly lightly leaned against the inside of the door within the bathroom, a hand on her chest to try to calm down, but she couldn't stop her tears from flowing. Her hand came up to cover her mouth as she slid down to the floor.

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