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Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 04:58:09 )

Name: Lilly Walker
Age: 24

Bio: Lilly loves music, always has. It was one of the few things she had to get her through life.

Now that she has a job and apartment of her own, she no longer has to rely on her parents to take care of her and she can work towards her life-long dream to sing. She's left the nest and sometimes her parents try to pull her back in. Not that she doesn't love them.

She works as a baker down at the local bakery near the coffee shop in town, where she often goes on open mic night to just sing for the fun of it before heading home.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 05:11:45 )

All set ^~^

I can start it once you've got your character up x3

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 05:32:17 )

Name; Elias (Eli) Augustus
Age; 30

Bio; Eli was raised his entire life around music. Having strict parents that forced him into the industry, he grew up with only one goal in mind and that was to create music. He was professionally trained in many different instruments, but mostly prefers piano and guitar, (with a strong likeness for guitar since it's so easily portable) and he was trained as well to sing. However, having been teased as a child for singing, some people of his fellow classmates not considering singing to be "manly", he found that his confidence in his voice withered over time and now he doesn't feel comfortable singing in front of people. Eli just moved into a new town, hoping to start a new life and career as a musician but is finding it difficult due to his past and his experiences being bullied as a child.
Eli is very shy and reserved, not talking to people is what he's known for. But he can spot talent anywhere and is willing to do whatever it takes for the music.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 20:39:15 )

Hope it's okay for me to go ahead and post something :p


Lilly was getting changed out of her apron and work clothes after pulling an eleven hour shift at tye bakery, having come out with some new treats and one of the closing people calling in sick. Shr eas exhausted and a little frazzled to say the least.

Her manager met her in the back and offered to give her the next day off for all of her hard work. It wasn't easy working at the busiest bakery in town, Lil Bakers Roe. Lilly said her goodnights to her manager and coworkers before heading down to the coffee shop. She wasn't planning on singing tonight, she really just wanted to hear the music and other people sing.

"Lilly, sweetheart, you're going to burn yourself out at this rate." Sarah said as her regular came into the shop and sat down at the counter. She was the owner of the coffee shop, and had known Lilly since she was a little thing. "My offer still stands, to work here, whatever hours you need and breaks to go with it. Save you an extra trip." She spoke. "We love to hear you sing." Lilly smiled some and shook her head lightly, her attention turning to the small stage when a staff member announced the first of many for open mic night.

Sarah lightly rubbed Lilly's arm. "You're welcome to sing too, dearie, if you're not too tired. I know it'll help you unwind." The woman spoke softly and Lilly offered her a small smile. "I just came to watch tonight." She murmured, knowing she'd probablu change her mind.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 21:27:56 )

It took some time before Eli found the bakery he'd been looking for. His friend in town had told him about a place that had a nice open mic and some decent singers came there sometime. Of course, his friend had been begging him to sing on stage, but Eli really didn't feel like he had the heart to do so anymore. Singing wasn't his passion, although music definitely was. He looked up at the sign and saw the name of the coffee shop lit up in bright lights in the darkness of the nighttime. He read, "The Coffee Fix.... Hm. Seems... quaint." He adjusted his scarf and made his way into the bakery.

Inside, it was surprisingly warm and cozy. He was rather shocked to see that there were still some people hanging about, although he remembered, they were probably there waiting for the open mic. He hoped he didn't arrive too late. He hadn't planned on singing or even performing that night, he simply wanted to get a taste of what the town had to offer. He'd just moved there from a large city, so being in a rather smaller town made things a lot simpler. He approached the counter and stared at the menu for a few seconds...

"Um..." His voice almost seemed to get stuck in his throat and for a moment, he remembered that he was a stranger here. The thought of being surrounded by strangers spooked him. He wasn't used to being around so many people at once, even in his home city, it felt weird. He was prone to fits of anxiety as well, so having to speak around strangers really gave him the willies. He started to nervously scratch the back of his neck and he let out a sigh after he realized that he was beginning to panic for no reason. He looked at the person at the counter and shrugged. "I guess I'll take a decaf americano and a blueberry muffin, please..."

Eli reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, preparing to pay for his drink. He watched for a moment, then started to pulled out some wrinkled dollars and tossed them onto the counter. He waited a moment, then whispered, "Keep the change." He turned on his heels and looked for a table where he could sit and gather his thoughts, maybe he could listen in on some of the performers tonight and see if this town had any talent? Eli found a perfect table close to the stage and he decided to sit there, he took his coat off and his scarf and set it down across the board of the chair and then made himself comfortable. If the night ended up going well, perhaps he'd order something to go. His apartment could always use more food, after all...

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/4 23:23:42 )

Sarah glanced at the newcomer when Eli he came in and ordered, nodding lightly as he tossed the money onto the counter amd watched him head over to the table closest to the stage. It was easy to tell he wasn't from around town, she knew most of the people who lived there, but she smiled some as he sat down. "Ah, I'll bet he's here for mic night. She concluded as she gathered the wrinkled bills and smoothed them out before folding them and putting the money in her apron.

The woman then left Lilly get what he ordered and, easily balancing the drink and muffin on a tray and headed over to the table where the boy had sat. "There you go hun, hope you enjoy." She spoke softly as she set the drink and plate down on the table, before leaving him to go back to the counter.

Lilly watched the incounter as she sipped on a hot tea one of the girls brought her. She was thinking about what Sarah had told her, about unwinding and she knew she was right. Singing always seemed to make her troubles go away, even if just for that moment. Once the music started for someone to start the mic night, she bobbed her head lightly to the beat and closed her eyes. She knew the song. There almost wasn't a song she didn't know.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 00:33:33 )


Eli nodded to thank the woman who'd approached with his muffin and drink. He grabbed the cup with both hands and began to blow the steam to let the coffee cool. He took a small sip and immediately shivered as the cold had slowly left his body, being quickly replaced with warmth that slid down his throat and through his spine. It was rather comforting to have something nice and hot to drink on such a cold night. When the music began to start, he found himself nodding along with the song. Though, he wasn't so sure if he knew this particular tune, he enjoyed the beat. As he sipped his coffee, it felt as though he was in his own little world.

He felt a rush of warmth every time he sipped, not wanting the feeling to end. After all, it was rather chilly that night, if he could help it, he'd much prefer to stay warm for as long as possible. He waited patiently for someone to approach the mic, the music had started and it was clear that now would be the perfect time for someone to steal everyone's heart with their song. Eli looked around nervously, maybe it wasn't such a hot idea to come into the coffee shop at this time, not when everyone had been too nervous to perform, anyway? Still, he waited, he began to nibble at his muffin and he looked around at the crowd of people in the coffee shop. It was a very nice place, very warm and inviting. Certainly someone was going to sing tonight?

He thought about taking a risk and going up there and singing himself, but his fear and anxieties of making a fool out of himself were way stronger than his desire to share his talent. He remained in his seat and continued to take small bite after small bite of his muffin, he wanted this small treat to last the entire night, so he wasn't in any hurry to eat it. He began to wonder if others could sense that he was new in town, maybe that was why they were all afraid to perform. Had he done something wrong? Maybe this was a private town thing that only the regulars attended? He started to feel stupid... Thinking to himself, This is stupid. Why am I even here...?! He set his muffin down and let out a long, soft sigh. Perhaps he wasn't meant to make friends? Perhaps this was all a mistake? He lowered his head to stare at his muffin, deciding on whether or not to just leave. He began to mess with his coat and scarf... But something inside was telling him to stay. Perhaps if he'd stop running away from all of his fears, he'd actually find something worth fighting said fears for?

He debating with himself internally for a few moments while he was deciding on whether or not to simply get up and ask the kind woman at the counter for a to-go bag...

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 00:59:27 )

This is the song;


Lilly glanced at Sarah as the music played and no one went to the stage, confused. Usually by now someone went up. How late was it? Sarah simply shrugged and gave her a small smile, glancing at the stage as if asking her to let them hear her. Maybe she'd help the others relax.

Lilly nibbled on her lower lip before setting down her tea and getting up. "Play this one for me?" She asked softly before making her way down to the stage.

Once she got to the stage, and stepped up to the mic, the music faded out. "I know getting up on stage can be a scary thing, but here their are no judgements. Sing for yourself." She said after a moment of taking in the handful of people sitting around the stage. "My name is Lilly, I come here just about every night." She spoke, pausing briefly as the music started up again. "No one's perfect, just be you." She said with a small smile before closing her eyes to feel the music and began to sing.

~What does perfect even mean?
Is there even such a thing? Oohh
Can we switch up all the rules
And imagine a utopia
Darling I'm just so fed up with These expectations,
they keep weighing me down
My heart is begging me to get the hell out of my head
I'm gonna live inside the upside down
For a minute and pretend Honey I'm a perfect ten

Woahhh, Woahhh
Honey I'm a perfect ten
Woahhh, Woahhh
And if I say it enough
It gets ingrained in my head
And I start to see...
Honey I'm a perfect ten

Lilly only ever sang from the heart. If she couldn't feel it, it was almost like she couldn't sing. She easily kept up with the beat, and her voice stayed in almost perfect range. Sarah smiled to herself as she listened, and noticed some of her customers start to relax, and Lilly looked a lot happier than when she first walked in.

~Yeah I've discussed it with myself
And I'm disgusted with the way
We're told to have a certain face
A certain weight, be flawless
We aren't pixels on a screen
No we're human, we breathe
Every single thing we see curated
It's overrated

These expectations, they keep weighing me down
My heart is begging me to get the hell out, of my head. I'm gonna live inside the upside down
For a minute and pretend

Honey I'm a perfect ten
Honey I'm a perfect ten
And if I say it enough
It gets ingrained in my head
And I start to think…
Honey I'm a perfect ten

Honey I'm a perfect ten

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 01:26:44 )

It was right at the moment that Eli had decided that it was silly of him to have come to the coffee shop that night and that there was absolutely no way he'd be making any new friends, that a voice came from the stage and he was shaken out of his thoughts. It seemed almost as though the person speaking was talking directly to him. (Though that was highly unlikely, as no one in town knew who he was) He sat back down in his seat and stared up at the person on the mic. She was... very beautiful. But that didn't mean much to Eli. After all, Eli had seen millions of beautiful faces in his hometown. Lilly was her name? He'd be sure to remember that. After all, his mother always told him that remembering a person's name was one of the nicest things you could do for someone you've just met. He mentally took note of her name and began to go back to nibbling on his muffin, ultimately deciding to stay.

Her words encouraged him, maybe he would go up and sing later? Who knew? But for now, he decided to just sit back and watch some other singers sing for a moment and he'd enjoy his time simply observing. But it was when the stranger started to sing that really broke Eli out of his trance.... (and perhaps even put him into a new one?) Her voice was like cream and honey, smooth and rich. And the song, filled with such longing and emotion. Eli stared up at her, with his mouth half open. He sat down the muffin on its plate in front of him and continued to listen to Lilly sing. This was... This was TALENT. Beyond all other scope of the word, this woman had TALENT. Talent beyond anything he could have ever imagined. Her voice felt as though it were piercing through him and he nearly felt tears began to sting his eyes at some points in the song.

When the song was finished, Eli immediately began to clap, followed by other audience members, of course, cheering and clapping as well. But Eli was clapping as though this were the greatest performance he'd ever seen. As if a full orchestra had just completed hours and hours of material... Eli never felt so alive. When the song was over, he simply HAD to meet this goddess of voice. He carefully and patiently waited for her to leave the stage and expected someone else to take her place, but he reveled in the moments that she remained on stage. She was like a deity to him. He'd never heard such a voice, and he'd been surrounded by talented singers his whole life!

Now was the moment he'd been waiting for his entire life... He'd have to actually approach someone and... t-t-talk to them!!!! Just the thought made Eli's heart start to race and he felt a little bit dizzy. He was incredibly shy, to the point where he rarely spoke to anyone he didn't already know. Which wasn't very many people. Moving to a new town was a BAD, again, BAD idea when you struggle with anxiety. He stood up from his chair and started to feel a little woozy, he placed a hand on his chest, hoping that the feeling of his own heat would make his heart stop pounding in his ribcage, but it did very little good. He knew he needed to speak up now or forever wish he had. He tried to stand up straight, and almost completely abandoned his muffin on the table. He fumbled around with his coat and scarf and made his way towards Lilly, the woman who was singing so beautifully. He paused a few feet in front of her though... he couldn't get his feet to continue moving after that. He felt awkward and opened his mouth to say something, but instead, immediately, his head dropped and he stared at his feet, feeling shy.

"Um..." He choked out. "E-excuse me...?" He said softly. He wasn't even sure if the woman had heard him, but he was too afraid to speak up any louder. He cleared his throat and tried again. "E-excuse me... Miss?" He said, this time he forced his head to look up at her and he was incredibly nervous. He felt like if she were to say anything to him, he'd probably faint right then and there. Eli swallowed a lump in his throat and waited for her response, just so that he knew that she heard him and he wasn't just speaking to the air in front of him...

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 01:50:02 )

Sarah watched from behind the counter as she watched the newcommer take an intrest in Lilly, and it made her smile a little more. She always knew Lilly had power with her voice, this was just showing that she was right. Once he started to approach her, she kept her distance but was ready to act if he tried anything weird.

Lilly was just starting to head back to her spot at the counter when she heard a soft, timid voice and she paused in her step to look at him. Ot eas easy to tell he was nervous, with how his head was down as if he was staring at his feet. "Lilly." She said softly with a smile.

"How can I help you?" She asked politely, part of her falling into her role at the bakery when she talked to the customers, but he seemed like he wanted to get her attention for some reason or another.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 02:59:48 )

His heart nearly stopped when she acknowledged him. He didn't realize it would be just this difficult talking to someone. Eli had began to wish that he'd had more experience in talking to strangers. He wanted to touch his chest to make sure that his heart was, in fact, still beating and he wasn't about to faint right then and there. But he fought the urge and simply looked at Lilly and a thick, red blush immediately spread across his face as he realized that he was woefully unequipped at talking with people, let alone talking to women. "U-uh... Lilly...." He began to speak. He wanted to simply tell her what a beautiful voice she had, but a weird idea began to form in his head. He had a song he'd been working on, that when he sang it, it didn't sound the way he expected and he was also just too shy and nervous to sing it himself. ".... You..." He swallowed a lump in his throat and did his best to continue. "... I just... I just had to tell you that you have a very lovely voice!" The words kinda forced their way out all at once and his eyes widened. He didn't mean to suddenly explode with so many words all at once.

He lowered his head again, embarrassed. ".. and... Well..." He chewed at his bottom lip. Awkwardly, he brushed a strand of reddish brown hair behind his ear and looked up at Lilly nervously. "... Um... Well, I'm actually a musician." He tried to seem proud of it, but in fact, he was terrified that she'd laugh at him or think of him as feminine for it. "... I'm a musician and... Well... Your voice." He straightened himself out, at this point, it was now or never. He needed to ask her now. "Well... I have a song that I'm working on. A-and... I feel like your voice is exactly what this song is missing." He turned away from her quickly, afraid of seeing her reaction. He continued to speak without looking at her. "... I know this is probably weird. But, I just... I feel like your voice would be exactly what this song needs to be a hit."

He couldn't bring himself to face her, he was far too nervous. He started to sweat a little and he reached up and began to massage the back of his neck, feeling a slight pain from being so tense. "... I-it's okay if you don't want to sing it. I get it. I just thought-" He cut himself off and started to sway a little bit on his feet. This was beyond awkward, and maybe his own shyness was causing this to be even more awkward than he'd intended. Maybe THIS was the bad idea, not coming to the coffee shop in the first place, but actually asking a woman if she could sing his song? "Um... I play the piano and the guitar. I-I-I can play the song for you if you'd like? I have a demo recorded. B-but it's just me singing in it, and I think it's not the best with my voice in it." He lowered his gaze to a random spot on the floor. "You know.. I'm so sorry if I bothered you!" He started to panic again. "I just... I just HAD to tell you that I loved your singing so much! You have a very beautiful voice, like nothing I've ever heard before! And you're... so talented." He swallowed again and let out a sigh, feeling defeated.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 04:23:18 )

Lilly was patient as she watched and listened to the young man trying so hard to talk with her. Her cheeks when he suddenly blurted out that he thought she had a lovely voice. "Oh, um.. Thank you very much." She said calmly, blinking when he continued to try and speak.

She listened as she tried to understand what he was saying and felt her heart stop briefly when he mentioned being a musician and eventually explained that he'd wrote a song and he thought her voice would make it a hit. He really thought she sounded that good?

Lilly offered him a warm smile. "I'd love to hear it, then talk about if you want me to sing it." She offered, really wanting to hear it first. If she felt it was something she could feel in her heart, then she try to sing it.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 05:39:34 )

At that moment, Eli knew he was going to faint, but somehow managed to stop himself. So... Was his ears hearing correctly?! She'd actually like to hear his song?! Eli had to take a step back and suck in a deep breath for a moment. He was beginning to feel a little lightheaded. She'd... like to hear it and possibly sing it?! This had to be too good to be true. Eli caught his breath and allow his heart to calm down. He then grinned widely at Lilly. "Oh!" He was beginning to feel some sense of hope for himself. "Y-yes! I'd love for you to hear it!"

He stood awkwardly for a moment, simply smiling before he realized that Lilly would have absolutely no way of contacting him. So he gasped, and starting to fumble around wit his coat, checking all the pockets. He finally found the one he was looking for and pulled out a business card and handed it to Lilly. "Y-yeah... Uh... My contact information is on there." He found himself wishing that the conversation could end quickly so that he could regain control over his body for a moment. " Maybe we could meet here again s-sometime?" He stiffened at the question, unsure of how she'd react to it. He did his best to not seem creepy or harassing... All he wanted in life was to create beautiful music, and here he was, standing in front of a literal angel with a voice! He swallowed hard again, feeling awkward and nervous.

"... o-or I could run home really quickly and see if I can find a copy of my demo?" He began to nervously fidget. He really, really didn't want to have to travel all the way back home, not that he lived very far, but it was a cold night. He'd rather stay in the warmth if he could. But he'd be willing to make sacrifices if it meant having a perfect singer for his song!

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 16:13:18 )

Lilly offered him a warm smile as he seemed to process that she'd said yes to hearing and possibly singing his song he'd written. Poor thing looked ready to faint, but here he was honestly trying to hold a conversation with her about the song.

She nodded some and looked over the business card. His name was Elias Augusta, phone number, adress.. Was this really happening? She smiled once more when he mentioned seeing her again and glanced at him. "I come here every night after work, and work down at Lil Baker's Roe." She told him gently.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 18:19:52 )
"O-oh okay!" Eli felt himself start to get dizzy and he knew he really, really should leave now while he still had a chance at preventing himself from fainting in front of everyone. "I-I can meet you here tomorrow night, then?" He wanted to blurt out that he could bring his guitar, but he decided against it. Then he thought, he could ask to meet her at her work, but decided against that too. That would just be weird. He figured meeting in a familiar space to both of them would be the best option. "Uh... w-well... I should get going now." Eli began to put on his coat and scarf, he then remembered that he'd completely abandoned his muffin on the table and ran back to get it...

He began to approach the woman at the counter, but not without turning to Lilly and speaking one, last time. "I-it was very nice t-to meet you... Lilly." He smiled, and then quickly booked it away from her and towards the woman at the counter. He asked for a to-go bag so that he could take his muffin home. It was way too delicious to just leave sitting there in a coffee shop all alone. He also needed to make his way back home soon enough before it got too late. Not that he had any work to do in the morning, as a musician, all he really did was sit at home and write songs that he hated. Well, didn't hate but rather, hated how he sounded in them. He'd written some jingles for commercials and some background music for TV shows, so thankfully he had enough of an income coming in that he didn't need to work so hard.

He sighed when he got the bag and began to make his way out of the coffeeshop. He walked down the empty street, then looked back at the coffeeshop with the lights still brightly lit. He smiled, but then felt a sharp pain in his chest and knew that he'd overstayed his welcome. His heart was definitely about to give out from overexertion and he needed to get home and get some sleep right away. He threw his scarf over his shoulder and quickly walked back down the sidewalk for a few blocks, huffing and out the breath the entire way, not because he was out of shape, but rather because he'd spent so much energy just talking to Lilly that he felt exhausted and he could barely make it to his apartment.

Once he reached the apartment, he quickly walked into the lobby, then made his way to the third floor where he lived. He unlocked the door and immediately flopped down onto his living room couch without even taking off his coat and shoes. He sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly... Doing his best to stay mindful of his breathing. What a night! He had clearly overworked himself simply talking to Lilly, it was now time for some well deserved rest.

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 19:35:17 )

Lilly smiled as she watched Elias go and gather his things. "We can indeed meet here tomorrow night, it was a pleasure to meet you." She said as he spoke one last time before getting a to-go bag from Sarah, who thanked him for visiting.

Once he'd left, Lilly reclaimed her seat at the counter and glanced at Sarah, who had a radiant smile across her lips. "What just happened?" Lilly asked softly. The middle aged woman softened her expression and gently patted her hand. "It's like I've always said, your voice has power and someone has finally recognized it." She explained to the young woman. Blush dusted Lilly's cheeks at her words and she sipped from her tea.

"I still think it's silly to think like that.. My voice is no different than any one else's." She murmured shyly. Sarah chuckled quietly. "You'll see. Give the young man a chance." She encouraged. Lilly nodded some. "He asked if we could meet here again, I told him I come here just about every night." She said. Sarah smiled some. "So long as you don't make yourself sick." She teased lightly.

Soon, Lilly said her goodnights to Sarah and the staff and headed home to her apartment. She walked down the road and into the lobby, making her way to the elevator and pressing the button for the second floor. She then set her bag down and sat down on the couch to think about everything that had been said when Elias came to talk to her.

It didn't take long at all for her to fall asleep curled up on the couch.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 20:05:50 )

Eli woke up with a start, he had dreamt about his interaction with Lilly and it was frightening for a moment to think that he could be reliving the moment where he nearly fainted in front of a group of complete strangers! He sat up quickly and accidentally fell off the couch, not realizing that that was where he'd passed out the night before. He fumbled around on the floor for a bit before scrambling to find his phone which was still in his pocket. He clicked the home button to check the time and was surprised that it was almost 3pm! He didn't remember how late it'd been since he came home, but he imagined it must've been pretty late for him to have slept that long! Eli got up from the floor and began to gather his things. From there, he walked into his bedroom and began to strip off his clothes.

If he was going to meet Lilly at the coffee shop again tonight, he needed to make sure that he was fresh. He threw his old clothes in the nearby hamper in his room and made his way to his bathroom, where he ran a shower and started to wash his face. He took off his glasses and examined himself in the mirror for a while. He looked... well... like warmed over death. He sighed and splashed some cold water over his face a few times, hoping to bring back the color to his skin. He had to admit that he felt somewhat proud of himself for stepping out of his comfort zone and actually talking to someone for a change. Still, he panicked inside knowing he'd have to do it all over again once he made his way back to the coffeeshop! Ugh! He brushed his teeth quickly before he hopped in the shower and quickly washed himself up, then wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way back to his room to get dressed.

In his room, Eli picked some average looking clothing. A nice, mustard colored sweater and a some brown slacks to be precise. His style was rather business casual, but still very... casual. He felt good about his choice clothing though, he thought he looked... presentable. Eli made his way to the kitchen next, to grab a bite of the muffin he'd had from last night. Much to his surprise, it was still good! He shoved it back into it's to-go bag and then walked into his home studio. There was a mess of equipment strung all over the place, from a recording booth, to microphones, to equalizers, guitars, keyboards and even a couple of stray ukuleles hanging on the wall for good measure. He also had two large monitors which were hooked up to an amazing sound system and thankfully his entire studio was padded with soundproof foam, so as to not annoy his neighbors with his music. He looked through some files on his desks and then searched his drawers before he found what he was looking for... his demo CD! Did people still use CDs?

Without thinking about it too hard, Eli left the home studio and made his way into his third bedroom, which he was using as an office and storage. He pulled out a folder and shoved the CD into the sleeve. He figured it was too early to make his way back to the coffeeshop, but he didn't have anything else to do with his day. Who knew? Maybe he could take the time to meet some new people? He ran into his studio, grabbed his guitar which was already packed away nicely in its case and he swung the strap over his chest. He did one quick look over in the mirror and then made his way to put on his shoes and leave his apartment.

Eli thought he looked rather nice if he said so himself. He smiled, feeling a little bit of pride and confidence as he grabbed the keys and left his apartment, locking the door behind him. He made his way to the coffeeshop, he'd probably spend some time on the street playing his guitar for a while before getting there, but between home and there, he'd make himself useful. He looked forward to seeing Lilly again!

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 21:20:05 )

Despite having the day off, she woke early but not too early. She's fallen asleep on the couch, and glanced at the clock that read 11am. She nuzzled her head into the pillow before slowly getting up and heading into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

What to do with her day? She'd been given the day off because of the double she pulled yesterday..

Lilly sighed some as the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans filled her small, one bedroom apartment. It was more than enough for one person. Once she'd made her cup of coffee, she grabbed a few things to make herself some scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. She then sat down at the table in the living room and turned on her tv.

It was a little after 1pm when she finished eating and decided to get up and take a nice hot shower. She was in the shower no longer than thirty minutes, before drying off and getting dressed in some warm and casual, dark clothes to match her current choice of style.

She still had too much free time on her hands without knowing what to do with it. It was too early to head to the coffee shop. Huffing slightly to herself, she switched the tv over to the stereo she had and began to play music while she began to clean her apartment. It wasn't messy, but it had gotten a little disorganized and could use some tidying up.

Singing while she cleaned, the time began to pass quickly and by the time she'd finished it was 6pm. Lilly looked over her handy work and smile some, before putting on a coat and locking up her apartment, leaving the building and heading down the street to the coffee shop.

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 22:06:21 )

As Eli passed people in the street, he felt his confidence slowly wither away until he was staring at his feet, walking quickly just trying to get to his destination without making too much of a scene. He hated this about himself! His shyness always seemed to get the better of him and made him virtually unapproachable because he simply looked so uncomfortable around people that it made others uncomfortable as well. He nervously bit his bottom lip and when the lights from the coffeeshop started to light up the ground beneath his feet, he looked up and let out a long, loose sigh of relief. Finally! He'd made it and in one piece! And he didn't chicken out and run back home and avoid it! He was determined to have Lilly sing his song, so he needed to remain steadfast and keep his confidence up enough that he could approach her...

He walked into the coffeeshop and did his best to smile at everyone. Inside, he was screaming, telling himself to go home now before he gets his hopes up and he's hurt. He wasn't sure if he expected Lilly to show up again or not, a part of him worried that he frightened her, maybe he came on too strong and she felt threatened or otherwise scared of him? It would be just his luck that the moment he finally found someone worthy of singing his songs that he'd scare them off! He tucked his guitar over his shoulder, keeping it close to his body, as he never trusted strangers around his precious instruments. He approached the counter and looked up at the menu again, wanting to try something different.

He stared at the menu for a few long moments, feeling panic that he wasn't sure what to order. Thankfully, there was no line, so his panic was wasted, but he still felt a strong need to just pick something. He shook his head in an attempt to shake out all of the negative thoughts regarding not only his menu choice, but also the entire situation... Would Lilly show up? Would she ditch him? Would she think his song was shit?! So many thoughts, he huffed. Deciding to just pick the next thing that sounded good. "C-can I have a hazelnut latte, please?" But just as the words left his mouth, a terribly negative voice in his head screamed, That's such a girly drink! Order something else! He shook his head, "U-uh... wait! I'll actually just go with an americano, please."

He sighed, he was looking forward to something different, but instead ended up getting what he always got at coffeeshops... And why?! Because he was scared of being judged. Such a pity. Still, he went through his Walter and pulled out some more dollar bills and placed them on the counter. "Keep the change." He said.

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Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2021/11/5 22:25:24 )

Sarah glanced up at the door as it opened and smiled warmly as the young man from last night approached the counter. "Welcome back." She greeted softly as to not scare him too badly. She was ready to ring him up for the hazelnut until he changed his mind and she offered him a warm smile. "I'll get you both, on me for how happy you've made my Lilly." She spoke softly and gently pushed the wrinkled up dollars back towards him.

It'd been so long since the woman had seen her smile like she had last night. Sarah then went to get the drinks she'd promised, before he could argue.

It didn't take Lilly long to enter the warm coffee shop and pulled her coat tightly around herself. It wasn't a very thick coat, and with the temperature having dropped with the sun going down in the evening, she was still chilly.

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