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Voltie — It or She Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/3 18:07:03 )
Lee walk walking on the side of the road praying for something to happen but she knew nothing would her parents won't let it. Lee was born with a twin sister named Luce, she was name after ,the fallen angel and lover of God, Lucifer. Lee mother and father are life and death. She inhabited both of their powers and more.

"Looks like its is going to rain" Lee said while looking up at the sky. It was cloudy today and Lee loved it. She didn't live with her parents in the Heavens because she hated that life style. Lee loved to be with humans and talk to them. They made Lee curious of things and they were very entertaining to watch at times. Lee was close to her house when she saw someone at her door. 'Who could that be?'

Voltie — It or She Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 02:30:31 )
As Lee gets to the door she hers a little voice coming up behind her.

"MOMMY I SEEE YOU" yells the little voice. Lee get tackled by her adopted daughter Shade. Shade is a guardian and werewolf mix. Her bio parents were killed by hunters. Lee found Shade in abandon cabin in the wood 5 years ago.

"How is my little shadow doing today? I miss you. Mawah" Lee said to her 5 year old daughter and kissed her on the cheek. Lee got up and pick Shade up. She walked back in the dereliction of their house. The figure was gone when Lee looked up. 'who was that?I think it is time to move again'

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